Kaiya Knox

Kaiya Knox

New Orleans, United States

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I HAVE MOVED TO A NEW ACCOUNT, LOCATED HERE. Feel free to peruse this account, however, because the new account will be for anything more recently written or revised. The works featured here will not be moved unless they are edited.

  • Age: 22
  • Joined: November 2008

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You know you’re a writer when you know 5 ot… Number 1: baby—baby blue isn’t one I like to use / because I don’t view you like babies do. / But, baby, just maybe / I’d baby you blue / j… You’re lying. I can’t stop pacing. / I’m aching, / my heart’s racing and breaking, / and I can’t stop moving. / You’re star… Note to Self The wide eyes, / tinted skin, / twisting fingers, / ragged lip – / they are the products of themselves. Petey You’re a bright red lie on the side of my neck. trapped they’re twisted / and crooked / and feeble / and broken, / but i think / that they’d like / to be free. To Mom Space. / The space measured in states / and rates of tickets, / the space measured in time between visits. / I admit it. / I’m going away. Author’s Revenge I need some paper, all I have is skin— / and skin won’t win the battle raging here / between the words and mental blocks within / my … Maine With painted eyes and salty lips, I felt / a flower blooming. Roots grew deep beneath / the fertile soil and caused the snow to melt. / My … Villanelle, Work in Progress I should have known better than to fall, / To climb that cliff you’d toss me down. / I am so small, I am so small. / Your chill makes… The Beautiful This just goes to show that we had something beautiful, / but at the heart of it… / It was dark. / And because of that dark heart, / … Looking & Seeing I could never regard you so plainly. yesterday, the nineteenth of May how was your day yesterday? / did you feel the pain, / did you feel it all the way? / ‘cause I’m telling you now / I don’…