I come on DeviantArt under the nickname “Kaemen” – someone “sneaked” my nickname – “Kagara”. This tells you that there be no misunderstanding.

Something about me … Hmmm …
Small, dark-haired, dark-eyed cat, related to the beloved, wonderful man. Delighting in dark colored clothing and a head full of unfinished paintings adeptka graphics from one of the best universities in Poland – still without a job in a profession that has chosen to study.
I am a lover of cats, RPG, well-chilled beer and rock music. Horror and fantasy combined with manga inspire me. Additionally, I love to play in the reconstruction of the historic medieval – gives me a lot of fun, and discovering that once dominated the time in culture and human civilization makes in my crazy head I still teeming with ideas, the effects of which you can watch here.
Enjoy! :)

[that was not – the love of my life asked me the previous description has changed … if this is him or not like it, it … expect further developments! : D]

P.S. ‎"Each figure is agreed with the author and is a faithful reflection of reality, as far as possible. Colours have been deliberately omitted because the current technology on Earth can not faithfully reproduce them." Quote borrowed from a friend. For which I thank him for prawwdę – perhaps in this way ‘art experts’ who strongly and pathetically trying to comment on my work on Facebook – stop and even ridicule the ‘textbook’ citation theory of art …

  • Age: 27
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Something about copyrights...

Dear fans, viewers, artists and activists artistic! / As of today, 03.10.2012 – even here they appear the signatures of my work. With immense regret to announce that there is no shortage of thieves. People are stealing my work, and then remake her to sign as many Polish online games (for foreign games, too, but it’s less). Sadly for me is that so few people respect the time that I spe…
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I am who I am (and something more)

I am who I am – is a series of images with philosophical undertones. / I put in them the questions that I want to answer. I want to show themselves, the world that surrounds me. Not all need to agree. Just that for me some secrets and mysteries will be solved. / Sometimes it happens that the questions that we put into our work, there are other, inadequate. He wants to counteract this somewh…
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Warning! / Very important information! On the http://my.desktopnexus.com/SweetCh3rryKrush/uploads/1/ appear Stolen works of RedBubble. person who gives it there, THERE IS NO RIGHT TO THEM! It’s unlawful behavior should be as soon as possible boycotted and punished! / We put a lot of attention and effort to make our work was only in his edition, unique, beautiful and caused joy viewers. plac…
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Christmas Wish

My dear! / Because of Christmas, I want to wish you all the best. What’s the most beautiful. Talent. Inspiration. Ingenuity. the joy of what you do. Fine comments. / Many visitors. Respect for your work. Crush. Understanding. Please be patient. Love. Time for yourself and the next. Many bright moments for the coming year. Prosperity and divine care. / With all my heart that you want. / In t…
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