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Future Seed
by jyruff

Sojie 13 workshop, translating digital photo “Techno Future” into traditional oils on canvas painting. Mankind represented by the woman figure is now the nucleus of a cell (sphere/Technology) joined together as one now taps into the mother life force of space to take the precious life started on earth (now endangered by our wasteful poisonous technology) to plant its seed to distant planets in other galaxies..becoming the future seed of the Universe. The answer to the question that Shadowlea’s digital piece “Techno Future” asks us ..will Man destroy the life on Earth with his technology to only see life as a hologram? My work is not about resizing or recoloring the same painting (yet i have incorporated everything from it into my own way) is more about my answer to the question it asks all of us. “Future Seed” is the only true answer because everything else is a dead end. This is the only way it can be (or it would be some other way). The only way we can continue to ask the question…and that is the only thing that is really certain about any of this reality ..“I think, there fore, I am.” (Descartes). The one advantage I have is creating something out of nothing, ..which no amount of computer manipulation or technology can ever duplicate. Technically the original digital has too much dark plain browns and blacks for my taste(I know it was used this way to set off the red and green colors, and this was the biggest challenge for me was to get the same or more luminosity without all the plain darks) so I painted a beautiful ocean earth sparkling and shimmering under the stars radiating in the bright clean energy of the universal life force. what was/seems like a dark cave like computer room lighted by a primitive camp fire is now transformed into a spacey bubble representing all of technology (your ultimate cell phone,house,car,computer, internet connection) has now become our outer skin..we are as one the woman nucleus and technology the skin/cell/sphere/planet..future,spacey. Opened up the dim lighted holographic image shining in a vague dull space to include the glimmering seas of earth reaching to the distance stars and coming under the floating bubble to the viewers feet. Can be interpreted on so many levels..planets and space (as the original main intent) also religious with light from the heavans and beings walking on water (as said before) and on a biological/cellular level as well with complex life evolving from the joining of single cells. It is not just pure coincidence that the life force/energy/ray impregnates the sphere/cell and points directly at her reproductive organs.( This is about future life and technology joining together as one to evolve into newer forms of life as we become the life bearers and givers of life to the universe, maybe we transform our entire universe to life as a singled celled amoeba come to life in a much bigger reality?) … And this also pertains to the unifying force of the universal energy just after the big bang before it divided into the 4 forms of energy we know now (gravitational, electro magnetism, atomic force holding the nucleus of an atom together(weak force) and the strong force holding the particles of an atom together as in orbits of electrons as they circle the nucleus). And even on a cosmological level where we (everything ) is made up of tiny (extremely small) vibrating bits of strings that are pure energy that clump together to form all matter as well. So in this way this painting extrapolates and answers the ultimate question to the Universe..what is this thing we think is reality?..and to even a bigger better question, why do we even think at all? …because we can. 16″ × 20″ original oil pigments painted by brush in hand on hand stretched canvas.


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Hawaii Seascape artist Joseph Y. Ruff. Seascapes in oils on st
retched 3x primed canvas.

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  • jyruff
    jyruffalmost 3 years ago

    This is my finished version of “Future Seed” which is a traditional oil on canvas interpretation of Shadowlea’s digital work “Techno Future”, which askes the question will man destroy this planet and its life with his technology only to see past life in a hologram?.."Future Seed " is not just about resizing or re coloring the same piece (although I use all of its elements in my own way) but more about my answer to her question.

  • jyruff
    jyruffalmost 3 years ago
  • WhiteDove Studio kj gordon
    WhiteDove Stud...almost 3 years ago

    You are genius with this…aloha…kj

  • Thank You KJ for your always uplifting support, I really appreciate it..too bad you cant see the original ( I’m sitting here with it about six feet in front of me and the energy burst coming off the rays in the bubble just explode like fireworks out of the bubble with so much 3d color ..but in the computer tech world of rb it only shows the center burst as a faded colorless image, and my original is so much more refined than this “raw” splochy work here my camera cant get all the colors and textures to come out finished like the actuall painting ..but at least this gives you a general ideal ..even if you have to squint at it through a tunnel frame made by your own hands (thats what I do to get the true overall feel of the piece) try it and see if you can “see” the real thing, aloha brah and thanks agsin.

    – jyruff

  • Diane Johnson-Mosley
    Diane Johnson-...almost 3 years ago

    Wow, excelent job my friend, wonderful narative!!!!

  • Thank You Diane for your nice comment about the painting and narative me knowing how and why is more important , well just as important as the painting cant have one without the other I hope I dont bore people with it cause to me this is what the workshop is all about ..I want to hear the artists mind as he does his thing..take care, Joseph

    – jyruff

  • Dianne  Ilka
    Dianne Ilkaalmost 3 years ago

    Amazing translation! I love watching your WIP shots with this. You have so much talent!

  • Hi Dianne! Thank You so much for saying these wonderful things, I really appreciate it very much.. once I get started into a painting I get so involved that I just took the wips as I completed each step.. I really try to figure things out as much as possible in all my options so I am not sorry latter ..and there is always that element of chance that I will become so involved with the actually process of knowing where i want to go so well it leaves me free to always find and see better ways to integrate these new and better things and ways as i am free to see and judge them as to how they will improve upon my already good ideals..and sometimes I even surprise myself at how nicely i can finish fitting it all in together so nicelyas to have a far better outcome then my first intention..does that make any sense? hope so take care Dianne, Joseph

    – jyruff

  • shadowlea
    shadowleaalmost 3 years ago

    This is just one huge honour Joseph and I am over the moon …thanks for doing this one….

    Extraordinary work…and brilliant result

  • Thanks Irene ..and dont forget about dinner on my account …such a fine funny compliment you silly girl..and It was/is my pleasure to honor your thank you too

    – jyruff

  • ozjami
    ozjamialmost 3 years ago

    Well Done !!

  • Thank You so much Ozami, aloha, Joseph

    – jyruff

  • Tahnja
    Tahnjaalmost 3 years ago

    a remarkable work Joseph and a stunning translation….bravo…I still gotta finish mine…so much going on at my end…dang I hope I finish mine in time

  • Hang in there Super woman!! I know you can do anything and everything you set your mind to..I already know your energy and passion for things ..and do you really have to work 6 days a week?? when do you ever have any time off?? just have bto give you some aloha time and pray for you fine lady…

    – jyruff

  • Hugh Fathers
    Hugh Fathersalmost 3 years ago

    Fabulous image!! . . .

  • Thank You so kindly Hugh for this nice comment, aloha, Joseph.

    – jyruff

  • Tahnja
    Tahnjaalmost 3 years ago

    I work hard and it’s been important for me to work a lot…it’s not an easy business to make ends meet. Soon I hope to be able to take it a little easier from my day job. I have great things planned….and you are always such a fabulous support. Thank you! And do please pray for me…it’s time for me to move on in service to our Lord and the doors are opening for me

  • I will always support you dear friend , ..and I have been praying for your singing career( and helping with it too I hope) you and your children deserve the best.

    – jyruff

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