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Unkown health problem

Well to all my fellow Red Bubblers who have been wondering where I have got to
it all started with a bad turn at work on the 27th of Dec, headache, dizziness
high B/P, lack of energy, Legs not working , lots of medical tests done and dusted and no answer as yet
C/T scan reveled a earlier stroke event which spun me out, I didnt know it had happened
so untill we find something concrete I have no idear, had no energy for driving the car or even picking up the camera, still not driving and still no great lift in energy levels, medication for dizziness is helping. so rule out heart, blood sugars, Ross river virus,
cholesterol, and Iron count, still some tests to be confirmed with Doctor, gone from highly energetic to hardly dragging self around, maybe old age just jumped up and whacked me with a b…

A Milestone Event

Well I am still spinning I have reached a milestone

I made Two sales
sold two cards,my first!!!!
A great big “Thank You” to the buyer, I am so very honored that you chose
two of my works I am indeed very touched that you found my cards worthy

Again Thank You
cheers Rick

Been Honored by some more features

last few days the hosts of these groups have have deemed my shots worthy of being featured. for wich I am truely thankfull and honored that I was concidered.
really appreciated.
was featured in FOCUS and LIGHTING
was featured in Insects bugs and creepy crawlies

was featured inPrimate Art

was featured in Endangered and vulnerable plants
thank you indeed group hosts
regards Rick

past week features

I’m totally stunned 3 more features in the past seven days

thank you so much to the hosts of the groups that deemed my works worthy of
a feature. really appreciate all your help with my journey along the photographers
highway and a big thank you to the ones who have shared their knowledge with me
to help in the long walk. really appreciate it so much
featured in- western australia group
Dragon Fly at Rest

Featured in- Yellow Two group
Price of the Lair

Featured in I Love Birds Group
Watching for Prey

Little Eagle Featured

Little Eagle has a feature in the groups
Fuji Fine (3per day model required) Morning eagle

Western Australia 3 per day Group

Thank you Kindly to all group Hosts appreciate the honor greatly
regards Rick

chosen as a feature photographer

Well I have been given a fantastic honor from the Western Australia Group
the hosts have chosen me as the feature Photographer for the month of December
This is so humbling, I am so thrilled to think my work is worthy of this fine position
I truely thank the Hosts of the group sincerely, and i thank the wounderful group members also, also a big thank you to all other groups i belong to as the many groups and members are the ones who have given me encouragement and inspiration
to keep trying. thanks guys and girls.
kindest regards Rick

A few Features Over a couple of weeks

would like to thank the hosts of the Fuji Fine Group
Australia Native Orchids Group
Parrots only (birds) Group
All About Flowers Group
To all group hosts and members here on Redbubble " thanks guys and Girls
the comments and help is so inspiring and thank you all for the great journey
along the photographic highway. cheers!!!!!

three more feature over a week

I really must thank so kindly the hosts of the following groups for their
featuring of my shots. you gentlemen and ladies have such a huge task
in front of you in choosing who to feature each week, with so many grand shots to go through. there are so many inspiring artists and people joining groups each day. yes indeed thank you for helping us to achieve, to improve, and to blossom by who you feature on the grand journey along the photography road
cheers rick