family first kinda guy, I live in Narrogin Western australia about 190klm south east of the capital Perth. love fishing and photography ,I draw comfort and hope and inspiration from the beauty of creation, because it speaks so clearly
I was using the Fuji S100FS bridge camera, a delightful piece of kit
its sure a fun camera to use. which we still have
current gear as of January 2013 is the Canon 60D, 100-400mm 4.5-5.6 is L, 100mm 2.8 is macro lens
as you will see I have a real passion for wildlife of all types aswell as flora and insects. there is beauty out
there if we stop to look. please enjoy, please dont edit,
take or use these images with out my permission.©

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Unkown health problem

Well to all my fellow Red Bubblers who have been wondering where I have got to / it all started with a bad turn at work on the 27th of Dec, headache, dizziness / high B/P, lack of energy, Legs not working , lots of medical tests done and dusted and no answer as yet / C/T scan reveled a earlier stroke event which spun me out, I didnt know it had happened / so untill we find something concrete I ha…
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Just Tried A Youtube Presentation

Well decided to try a youtube presentation with some of my Bird captures / think it works ok, Its my first try at putting together a series of photos / link can be found here if you want to have a look, would love to hear what you think / / cheers Rick
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A Milestone Event

Well I am still spinning I have reached a milestone / I made Two sales / sold two cards,my first!!!! / A great big “Thank You” to the buyer, I am so very honored that you chose / two of my works I am indeed very touched that you found my cards worthy / Again Thank You / cheers Rick
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Been Honored by some more features

last few days the hosts of these groups have have deemed my shots worthy of being featured. for wich I am truely thankfull and honored that I was concidered. / really appreciated. / was featured in FOCUS and LIGHTING / was featured in Insects bugs and creepy crawlies / was featured inPrimate Art / was featured in Endangered and vulnerable plants / thank you indeed group hosts / reg…
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