I am a media and english teacher whose hobbies are photography,and writing. I have a degree in Media studies. I love playing with light colour and shade and see beauty and form in everything.

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Blown Away!!!

Look …. I come on the computer for a couple of minutes – just to write a letter – then think, hey I’ll just check out some of the work on RB – and what do you know, one image opens a world to another, and 2 hours have passed!!! / Time in which I have gasped, laughed, studied and smiled so much I look like I have a coat hanger pernamtly lodged in my mouth. / The work …
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Can you help?

I think I’m having a dumb day today! I want to clear some of the images from my bubble account, but for the life of me cannot work out how to delete an aimage??? can some kind sould please help me…..thanx / Julie
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Newbie that loves this site

Just want to say a great big hi to all the photographers and buyers on this site. I have been looking through the talent on here and it has taken my breath away… certainly has inspired me to continue with my love of photography. / Julie
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