Justin James

Justin James

Mornington Peninsula, Australia

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Director of Dare Photographix,


Editor of QPeninsula Magazine

We are always looking for Gay or Gay Interest Artists and Writers to showcase in our Online Gay and Lesbian Magazine publication, so just email or bubblemail me to put forward your Art and Writing..

  • Joined: February 2007


I Found Him There Part II

I Found Him There / Part II / The warmth I felt on my cheek was like an infusion of life that just seeped into me like osmosis. It almost took the pain away, I say almost, the moment he took his hand away the pain shot through me again like electricity. The dull thump that was my blood pushing through the veins in my head that were too small for the operation, kept me from thinking about anythi…
Posted about 8 years – 1 comments

I Found Him There

I found him there. / As I was walking along the deserted beach I call “The Beach of Lost Dreams”. The place where every tree that ever wanted waterfront exposure had been quickly clawed into the ocean by the relentless tide. Now, all the eyes can see are the sorry trunks and limbs of the victims reaching out of the water into the sky, reaching for a helping hand that would never com…
Posted about 8 years – 5 comments

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