I’m a 24 yr old animator, I recently wrapped season 1 of Motor City. I animate, draw, paint, kayak, work out, and game in my spare time. I love t-shirts. I’ve got tones, and this site was perfect to get my work on tees so I could wear em. thats all that comes to mind for now cept i love long walks on the beach… yup
http://justinbysma.deviantart.com/ for artwork. cuz not everything goes on a tee!

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Cartoony Tees

Hi everyone! / I just wanna advertise my new group that i am co-hosting! / WE are just starting out and we encourage all to join! We are looking for the very best T-shirt designs on Redbubble! / http://www.redbubble.com/groups/cartoony-tees / So please come by and check us out! / We are looking to get more members before we start challenges / On a personnal note I’m looking for Votes for so…
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