Get new work widgets on your Mac OS X dashboard

So, if you’re a Mac user (hooray) and you’ve got Leopard (10.5 or greater) and you’d love to have some of the featured tees or art or writing as widgets on your Dashboard, it’s really easy.

1. Open your Safari web browser

2. Go to one of the pages that change a lot, like popular clothing in the last day

3. Go to the File menu, then select Open in Dashboard

4. This brings up a little selection tool. Select the portion of the screen you want as a widget (for my example, I selected the top-left image, but you could select the top row, or whatever you like)

5. Up the top of the screen there’s a purple bar with a button “Add”… click it!

6. The selected area now appears in your Dashboard. It’s really like a window into a little portion of the web page on RedBubble, and as it changes, so will your Dashboard widget.

Here’s a little screenshot of my Dashboard with a few featured tees and one image from the home page:

Too easy. Enjoy!

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