Who's your favorite artist on RedBubble?

If you had to vote just one artist/designer/writer on RedBubble who’s work consistently amazes, inspires, provokes or entertains you, who would it be? Or maybe I should put it another way…

Who should we all be adding to our watchlists? Who have we missed? Who’s slipped between the cracks? Who do recommend above all others on RedBubble?

Please add your recommendation (just one) to the comments below. Telling us why would be great too. And please feel free to share this post around to make sure it gets heaps of exposure.

Journal Comments

  • Justin French
  • Big Dan
  • Grant Bissett
  • sjem ©
  • Michelle Walker
  • Jo O'Brien
  • Danny
  • Cathie Tranent
  • Xavier Shay
  • nook