Hello world :)
My name is Paulina, and iI am from the the wonderful country of Canada! I’m 18 and I adore photography, and take my camera almost everywhere I go. I’m very excited to be apart of RedBubble, and am looking forward to seeing others art and creativity at work.
Feel free to send me a message, I’d love to chat :)

Have a fantastic day!

  • if anything you would like to buy isn’t available (i.e. a print or something) just send me a message and I’ll fix the up photo so it’s available :) *
  • Age: 22
  • Joined: May 2010


I need YOU!

Hello all, (all being used generally as to the fact i’m not sure how many people will see this)! / Redbubble has done many exciting things for me! One of the latest, a lovely comment from a fellow Redbubble-er referring me to the site “Threadless”. It has to do with getting your shirt/clothing designs out there and noticed. However, after it has been approved, it needs votes in …
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