I grew up on a farm in north-western Indiana in the small town of LaPorte. Many of my paintings are inspired from these early years living in the beautiful countryside. I had dogs, many cats and a pony named Thunder. I spent many days riding that pony pretending I was the female version of the Lone Ranger. My imagination was at work constantly. So it’s not a surprise that I use this imagination to create whimsical acrylic paintings!

I do not have any formal art training, I just use my imagination and my love for bright colors to guide me! Some paintings seem to take on a life of their own and I feel I am under it’s spell!

I now live in Cincinnati, Ohio with my husband, Sean, and three children, Ashley, Keegan and Lucas. I also have two black cats, Francis and Lord Infamous and a ferret, Pauley. Besides taking care of this zoo and painting, I also love to read, garden and listen to music.

My Inspiraton
The inspiration for most of my paintings is my own childhood. My childhood on the outside seemed ideal in the beautiful countryside. But there was trouble within that could not be so easily seen. My mother struggled with mental illness. And now I watch my daughter do the same. Her story is also woven into my paintings, where my story leaves off hers begins. Almost entwined at times. A bond of newly discovered self-love and acceptance.

She is a strong young woman now, but her struggle continues. She amazes me with her ability to deal with what’s been given to her and not complain or constantly ask, why me? I use that strength and self-love she is learning to have and I paint it. I try and paint the colors of her spirit as much as I can, to capture that unbridled personality. But she shines much too bright for me to ever do her true justice. But I will continue to paint of hope and love and all the ways I wish the world would be. She and my inner child will guide me. Recently my two sons were also diagnosed with mental illness. Our journey as a family continues and so will my story on canvas!

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Thank You!

I just want to say a big thank you to all my wonderful friends here on Red Bubble for being so supportive of my art! I don’t always have the time to respond to your great comments and I feel bad about that. I do appreciate you and just know I do read the comments and they mean a lot to me:) XX
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Hi! My son is doing his senior project on graffiti art. He is looking for several graffiti artists to interview via email or phone. If you know of anyone, please contact me! / Thanks!
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My New Children's book

After many long hours of hard work, my labor of love is finally complete! My first children’s book, +The Sleep Fairy and Her Magic Sheep, and is now available on Burb.com under Juli Cady Ryan. / My book on Blurb
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