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Salisbury, United Kingdom

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I have always enjoyed painting but it was only when I joined an art group that my confidence has grown.My first art group exhibition was a really nerve racking experience but hearing feedback that people actually liked my art was such an exhillerating feeling. Anyway, I have now taken the next step to exhibit on line, another nerve racking experience but the people on this site seem so nice I thought I would dip my toe in. Pastels and acrylics are my favourite but I do like to experiment with other materials. I love all the high standard work on the site, I can loose many hours looking through it all.

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What a surprise

Thank you to whoever bought one of my cards. Seed burst It was such a great feeling, after a trying day at work, to find i had made a sale… ;- )
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My Computer is Annoying Me and Probably Most of You!

Apologies to everyone who receives the same comment from me twice as I cannot seem to control it. i only press ‘Add comment’ once but the computer then looses the link and next minute there are 2 comments added to the recipients work and I look like an idiot. Is it the computer or me, you decide? / Yes its probably me. / Apologies but I still want to comment so please forgive me. / …
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