How do I copy on of my own pictures from RB? I have a Mac.

I have been deleting a lot of pictures – also some that was not supposed to be delited. Lucky for me – I have them on RB.

Do you have a MAC?

I need some help – just started to use my new MAC, but have some problems from time to time. Can someone tell me how I can copy a picture (my own of course) – so put it into a journal.

I want to tell you that I made a sale and I want to show you the picture .. :)


Does anyone else have problems with uploading new work? I thought it was my new Mac, but I have problems when I use my old computer as well … :(

I need help, please

I would love to make postcards with more than one picture – a collage. I have been looking and found that it is several places. So now I want to ask you my friends, whats the best and easiest way of doing it?


Thank you very very much to the person that bought a card from me – it really makes me happy :)

Paradise Island