Im still not sure if this is a good idea , but i have opened a second RB account to do greetings cards under the name JulesCards Hopefully it will free up this site for my more traditional work & let the cards stand on their own They are mostly flowers & i seem to have rather a backlog !!!
I have been slowly adding some of my good friends on here to the new acount, so if flowers are not your thing , then you dont have to look:-)
Have a productive 7 fun week


  • billfox256
    billfox256over 3 years ago

    I do not know one flower from another so thanks for the out! Bill

  • Aww Bill . well its a more specialised thing & it saves me loading lots of the blessed things on to here Guess i went a little crazy at my friends house , she has green arms never mind green fingers , but SO many varieties of SO many flowers , i couldnt pass up the chance to capture them ALL!!

    – Julesrules

  • PSL1
    PSL1over 3 years ago

    Sounds great Jules. I will that one to my watchlist.

  • ahh thanks Peter , frees up this page , its a more specialised thing & there are a LOT of shots lol

    – Julesrules

    JUSTARTover 3 years ago

    have added you :)

  • thank you Sylvia:-)

    – Julesrules

  • jules572
    jules572over 3 years ago

    This is a great idea Jules, I’ll be watching to see what you post in the future. The other Jules from across the pond :-)))♥

  • Jules , im hoping its not going to be to much hard work , cant decide how / when to comment lol May just post & keep up with groups & challenges on there & unless anyone new adds me on the other page , i will comment from here Does that make sense ?? lol

    – Julesrules

  • owlspook
    owlspookover 3 years ago

    your last reply to jules is a bit confusing …. I suggest (if I read you correctly) that you move all your flower cards (and any other cards you may make) over to your new account .. remove them from here .. then only comment here to what is here … and there to what is there … don’t have them in both accounts since that will be confusing and drive you crazy lol … is this what you meant?

    also on your profile pages (both accounts) provide info and a link to the other account … IMHO of course (big smile)

  • you have it just right , i got a wee bit muddled yesterday , but a nites sleep got me thinking straight:-)))

    – Julesrules

  • Karen  Betts
    Karen Bettsover 3 years ago

    I have added your card site to my watchlist. Good idea hope it does not take too long for you to get it all sorted : )

  • Thanks so much Karen , just swapping things over slowly:-)

    – Julesrules

  • owlspook
    owlspookover 3 years ago

    ooo I have those days too (grin) … I hope you didn’t mind my comment … I reread it today and I sounded like a … oh well … I didn’t mean to sound like I was telling you what to do … if it did I’m sorry ….

    just added your card profile to my watchlist! thanks for letting us know about it (big smile)

  • You didnt sound , anything other that thoughtful:-)) Its hard to get the tone when you write instead of speak , i get those “Ohh did i put that the wrong way” moments too Thanks for adding me:-)

    – Julesrules

  • owlspook
    owlspookover 3 years ago

    thank goodnes! (big smile) … you’re most welcome … (big smile)