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Is it Just Me ??? Re File Retrival

I have just gone to a picture to add it to some groups & reply to comments etc, when i noticed that in “edit this work” mode there is a File Uploaded under Information
This has a link to the original work of art I uploaded , full sized !
Maybe this has always been there , but i was so relieved to see this , as i have recently lost a lot of work from my computer & wow its SO good to know they are all still here So Yippeeee :-)))))
I dont care if Im the last doofus on Redbubble to realise this , as Im just so pleased to have all my work around me again!!!
Jules xx


  • Country  Pursuits
    Country Pursuitsover 3 years ago

    Thanks for pointing this out Jules. I think that it is relatively new.
    They did used to have just the file name, but not the actual pic.

  • Glad you are all getting some advantages from this post :-)))

    – Julesrules

  • Jamie  Green
    Jamie Greenover 3 years ago

    No it’s me too..I checked it out and when i got to the original upload,I was able to copy it back to my computer..The original was 7.34 MB,the copy 7.33 MB so it’s good to see we now have a RB file retrieval system..but I don’t think there was a big announcement. (I always liked Flikr for letting you recover full size files,glad RB have seen the light)

  • Yes i use Flickr too , & hide my best stuff on there from prying eyes , Doofus Thursday Its official LOL

    – Julesrules

  • jay-lethbridge
    jay-lethbridgeover 3 years ago

    OK, if you have lost artworks/photographs etc, BUT, now the watermarks that RB provide to place over our images seem pointless now.
    Thieves beware comes to mind !! WAY too easy to grab your images now.
    Just my 2 pennies worth. Not a bright idea by RB.

  • jay-lethbridge
    jay-lethbridgeover 3 years ago

    PLEASE……forget my response. I had a blonde moment then. No one else can access our accounts and can only be seen by us LMAO
    I am going to go put my thinking head back on LOL

  • LOL Jay , looks like its Doofus thursday !!

    – Julesrules

  • ragman
    ragmanover 3 years ago

    It sounds scary to me!
    I agree with Jay Letterman; it sounds like a portal for photo thieves to steal your image files ~ I don’t like it
    we have had problems with image grabbing thieves on Redbubble before, and theen finding them turning up elsewhere

  • joak
    joakover 3 years ago

    whit are ye aw oan aboot?

  • Aww laddie , so sorry to add to your woes :-))) Im here for counselling with a wee dram to hand if you need help:-)))

    – Julesrules

  • ragman
    ragmanover 3 years ago

    Of course Redbubble needs to keep our original on file as they are required if our products sell;

    and you do need the access key ID; which we previously didn’t have access to; but now we have

    I do agree that it is handy to have access to our images if we have lost them and didn’t have back up

  • ragman
    ragmanover 3 years ago

    Joak you’re from over the border ~ you cannae ken nuthun aboot your pc,s and ken how tae turn on your camera ~ it’s over your head mon!

  • David , i couldnt have put it better LOL

    – Julesrules

  • John Hare
    John Hareover 3 years ago

    If it has always been there then sign me up for the ‘doofus club’. Thanks Jules

  • Ohh goodie , a new club LOL

    – Julesrules

  • Yampimon
    Yampimonover 3 years ago

    I didn’t know that either, but it’s good news for me because I had a catastrophic failure some months ago and lost a lot of my originals, now I can get them back, oooooh I’m a happy bunny.
    Thanks for pointing this out Jules, you are a star

  • I feel your pain !!! But a nice happy ending for both of us , its all the harder to take when they are textured works too , as no way , even with the original can you reproduce the damn things again !

    – Julesrules