Outback Photographer

I’m published in the latest edition of DiscoUnderworld
read about me in ‘the outback’ and if you like the article you can vote and I might even get some cold hard CASH! Yep 100 votes = $500!!

To vote you need to enter your email address at the end of the article (which appears as a yellow box) so go to the homepage and view the mag via the “insight online” version… VOTE HERE PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE WITH SUGAR ON TOP:)
Voting box on page 23 in yellow :)

It’s a good read even if I do say so myself :) hehehe

You can view Discounderworld online via the homepage in several ways; by blog, by slide, by pdf its your choice. Its a great magazine showcasing the talents of artists from across the globe. Just go to the DiscoUnderworld homepage and choose your viewing method -its cool!!

DiscoUnderworld Online Magazine for Artists

You can also access the info via my wordpress blog

Cheers Jules

PS come back to my journal and let me know what ya all think :)

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