Follow-Up - Limited Mobility

Well here I am again and things seem to be coming along slower then I’d wished. It has been recommended that I wear a “thumb spica splint” and a possibility of a cortisone shot in my left thumb. I can live with the issue but the neck is a whole different issue, unfortunately I have arthritis in my neck and it is an on-going issue that flares up from time to time.

The good thing is that I can still work with my mouse and edit/post images, but replying to comments still a one-handed job. Please forgive me if I fall behind in my correspondence, I will do my best in the months that follow.


Dear RB Friends,

Sorry for any delay in answering your comments. I’m limited to typing with one hand at the moment. My neck has become very stiff and my left arm has been causing me some issues over the past three weeks. Appoint with the chiropractor tomorrow for a tune-up.


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