Westminster, United States

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My interest in photography began in 2005. Although my hobbies in make-up artist and photography filled my time, my love of taking pictures in all kinds of photography areas: portraits, fashion, special events, children, still life, landscape and wildlife…. and still very much is, a driving force for me.

For me, it is the essence of capturing that one definitive moment in a child’s eye or the exact second the evening sun bursts into the sky with all its breathtaking and glorious colors that has fueled my passion in this field. It is the variety of the subtle nuances of the same subject that I get to experience through my lens and I am able to represent in my pictures is what makes this whole process so exciting for me!

Since then I have pursued this interest by volunteering occasional photo shoots for friends’ and families’ special events such as family portraits, weddings, etc. It is a wonderful feeling to see them so moved by my work.

Of course, I still need to hone my skills to become the photographer that I hope to aspire to one day. As such, I would greatly appreciate any feedback that you have for me as an artist so I can produce work that is both enjoyable and marketable. It is one my wish to combine my passion for photography and my prayers to help those less fortunate be answered by donating such proceeds to charities.

I hope my work captures the range of expression that I am able to see with the naked eye. And I hope that my work will be enjoyed as much by others as I have enjoyed putting these moments together onto print.

Thank you for stopping by and enjoy your visit.

Julayne Luu

  • Joined: April 2009