I started using a camera in 80’s and from the first roll of film I was totally hooked. At times I think I am a camera.

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Graffitti walking tour of Newtown and Enmore

Last weekend I had the great pleasure of being asked to accompany a graffitti walking tour of Newtown to talk about a particular mural that I painted that has subsequently become a bit of a local icon. I have done all sorts of interesting … well interesting to me anyway… things as an artist over the years but the time I spent working and making art on the streets of Sydney would have …
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The Luckiest Boy in the World

Earlier today there was a bit of an incident down on my local beach. A small boy got into the family car which was parked on a reasonably steep street across the road from the beach and managed to release the handbrake and knock this brand new Lexus wagon out of gear. The car rather predictably then took off down the street and rolled right out into the busy main road, over the gutter and down an…
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The Winter Cycle: or how to paint Sydney Park with fire and lime

The Winter Cycle: A hill painting project in two parts: / Every now and again I might mention that I am really a painter not a photograher …but never follow through with examples of paintings…. now that won’t change hugely in the near future as my painting practice is often really personal and hence quite private…. but…. but I thought I’d do a journal about at …
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The Devils do Austinmer

Well over the last couple of days I’ve been hosting a very cute two headed devil of a creature who goes by the double barreled moniker of Cedric and Beau…..such elegant and refined names who will hence forth to be known as the boys….. Rhana did warn me they would be nothing but trouble but they just looked so cute that I found that very hard to believe…..little did I know&…
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