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The Truth is Incontrovertible by 

for Julian…

the truth is incontrovertible
malice may attack it
ignorance may deride it
but in the end…

…there it is


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  • berndt2
    berndt2over 3 years ago

    well said. I’ve been following this whole thing with great interest… and pretty much great dismay at the behaviour of many countries who seem to treat ‘freedom’ as more of a thing they’ve trademarked or like the sound of than something they actually believe in.

  • I’ve been so fixated on this… it’s so huge not just for what is happening to Assange which is a bit of side show… but the deeper changes this whole thing presages…. Pandora’s box is well and truly open now… and I saw this or something like this in the background of some mob protest photo on a European blog and just thought it sums up the whole debacle…

    – Juilee Pryor

  • Zolton
    Zoltonover 3 years ago

    ha ha… true! I also agree with berndt2.

  • thanks Zoltan… we live in interesting times and they promise to be getting a lot more interesting in the very near future….

    – Juilee Pryor

  • H Maria Perry
    H Maria Perryover 3 years ago

    Yep. There it is. Right out in the open for all to see. Well done my friend.

  • thanks Helen… it’s the happening sentiment actually I think… this avalanche of information is going to really change things for good and ill I’m sure… myself I can’t wait till they get to the 128 or however many there are cables pertaining to UFO’s …. now that’s going to be interesting… :)

    – Juilee Pryor

  • H Maria Perry
    H Maria Perryover 3 years ago

    Yeah I am really excited to read those cables! Who cares what some douchebag of a foreign minister thinks about the food in Slovenia! I want some UFO secrets!

  • damned straight Helen… lets just cut to the bits that we don’t know or suspect… the are meant to be very interesting and I’ve just been perusing a book by a Col Philip Corso who was for many years in charge of reverse engineering technology from Roswell… and there have been some strange happenings around military bases in regard to nuclear weapons… and then Bank of America… could be tears before bedtime when that tranche of documents gets released…. all this current maelstrom around Assange could end up just being the entre……we live in interesting times Helen and it’s going to get a whole lot more interesting before too long….

    – Juilee Pryor

  • Matt Penfold
    Matt Penfoldover 3 years ago

    Great design, great and important message Juilee.

  • ta Matt….this whole saga is unfolding like a car accident in a lot of ways… and I can’t take my eyes off it… it’s shifting the ground that we take for granted in so many ways….

    – Juilee Pryor

  • Phil Threlfall
    Phil Threlfallover 3 years ago

    The Taliban will be so happy with all the useful information they have been freely given. Get ready to purchase your berkahs girls.

  • I have no fear of the Taliban Phil… and I’ve heard that when the Bank of America tranche of documents are released early next year it may well show that the American military have been funding the Taliban for their own purposes… the voracious appetite of the war machine is so determined to get the money it needs to continue being what it is that it will create it’s own dummy enemies in order to justify it’s war footing and all the lavish funding that goes with it….and Bank of America may have been involved in that…. going to be a very very interesting new year I think…..

    – Juilee Pryor

  • Lawford
    Lawfordover 3 years ago

    Great Juilee
    What is open to question is how we allow ourselves to be manipulated by those that WE elect to make dubious decisions (“for our own good”) that we do not agree with. And we then do nothing to stop them.
    All power to more leaks coming out.

  • I know Lawford it’s such a dilemma … which is why Assange is so dangerous and so necessary…this whole saga just keeps getting better and better and better… I just found out that it wasn’t the Swede’s who requested and appeal over Assange’s bail yesterday but rather it was the British themselves who did it… this really becoming a total circus… and Julia is not helping at all being too busy kissing American arse at the Opera House to get involved ….

    – Juilee Pryor

  • Ushna Sardar
    Ushna Sardarover 3 years ago

  • hey thanks Ushna that’s great…..")

    – Juilee Pryor

  • Philmore
    Philmoreover 3 years ago

    Love the tee & the message.The bigger picture seems to me to be that we’re now going to see an all out battle to determine weather the web becomes a tool that creates greater freedom or actually entraps us.As a tv journalist here in the UK pointed out , governments seem to feel they should have the right to monitor our email under the guise of’terrorist prevention’ or whatever but they seem to get very upset if we’re able to read theirs !!And as you rightly point out Julia has been very quiet on this…. her non intervention has been noted over here.

  • hi Philmore and thanks … and yes we really are in some seriously interesting times at the moment… I’ve been so enthralled by all this…this is a game changing scenario for sure… no way to put all Pandoras toys back in the box now… and Julia has been really disappointing to be honest… firstly spouting off about it all being illegal with being able to quote an actual law that had been broken and the opposition have been no better… they haven’t said a single thing…. everyone is ducking and weaving all over the place…. and I think it’s going to get a whole lot more uncomfortable for a lot more people before too long …. I also think that the shit won’t really hit the fan till the Bank of America documents hit the screens of people all around the world…

    – Juilee Pryor

  • WikiTees
    WikiTeesover 3 years ago

    Great job!! I’d like to share this! Apparently Visa, Mastercard and Paypal don’t have a problem supporting these people!

  • hi there and please feel free to share this with anyone you like… we need to stand up for freedom of the press…. no matter what shape that press may take

    – Juilee Pryor

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