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the traditional owners of Ularu are asking for tourists and others to refrain from walking on the rock as it is to them a great spiritual site and consider it to be the same as a cathedral. I personally have no problems with that and think we should take it a bit further…. to the moon in fact…. the moon the moon the beautiful moon… is also a spiritual site to many … so maybe it’s time for there to be a few No Moonwalking signs express posted up there….


  • Zolton
    Zoltonover 5 years ago

    I am always worried that in the future, the moon will become a big dump to dispose of the overwhelming garbage problem. Oh crap… hope no politicians are reading this!

  • you know that is such a ghastly thought that I’m pretty sure politicians have already thought of it…. so far so good I reckon… best to declare it a scared site now before some loony thinks that the moon would be a good place to keep all the nulcear waste and suchlike…

    – Juilee Pryor

  • roybarry
    roybarryover 5 years ago

    Michael Jackson “comeback” concert T shirt………………..?

  • sure why not…..:)

    – Juilee Pryor

  • Phil Threlfall
    Phil Threlfallover 5 years ago

    Don’t agree. Humankind must explore space… moonbase is the first step.

  • hey Phil a moonbase would be awesome… espcially if they let plebs up there for holidays and such like…. I’d be really keen to go for sure…. but meanwhile maybe lets keep it a Michael Jackson moonwalking free zone…. no Pepsi commercials or tampax ads on the moon… but a moonbase was something I would have thought they would have already achieved by now as a first step into space and beyond….

    – Juilee Pryor

  • Noel Elliot
    Noel Elliotover 5 years ago

    I still don’t believe anyone has done it yet……….love the T shirt

  • hey thanks Noel…. I do believe it happened to be honest but can’t understand why nothing else has happened on the Moon since then… no moonbases… no club med on the moon …. that sort of thing….. be mad to go there for a holiday hey…..:)

    – Juilee Pryor

  • Lawford
    Lawfordover 5 years ago

    That shirt should have been for sale on the streets of LA last week.

  • Lawford you are my hero…..:)

    – Juilee Pryor

  • Phil Threlfall
    Phil Threlfallover 5 years ago

    The reason for no moon base now…. and yes, it should’ve been built ages ago…. is that we were “warned off” the moon…. but outside sources…. hence, we have never gone back.

  • what? … oh do tell more… who and where and why … warned us off…. couldn’t have been the ruskies….. coz it just doesn’t make sense to have an international space station and no bases on the moon… people have been imagining space stations on the moon since HG Wells was just a lad ….. ??? I"m all ears…. or eyes since it’s the intraweb and I have to read it…. :)

    – Juilee Pryor

  • KariS
    KariSabout 5 years ago

    Get your filthy feet off my cheese!

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