well I’ve been really busy in the darkroom with this semesters photography students. We’ve been building pinhole cameras out of all sorts of things and then printing out the negatives in the wet darkroom. Then these images will be scanned and outputted as 1 metre square digital image. So from the most basic form of photographic capture to the top end of digital output…. it’s a fabulous project and the students really love it to bit….

So far in the group we have cameras built out of nappybuckets, toilet roll holders, letter boxes, teapots and one intrepid fellow has made a reasonably viable camera out of a car wheel….. no joke it’s a sight to behold as he rolls in around the campus.

Anyway I usually just stick to making my cameras out of old photographic paper boxes and they seem to work well for me. The image here is a double exposed pinhole shot of a lifesized human skeleton that the students use in the drawing and painting classes.

The aperture…. or the pinhole…. or the lens if you like …. is a massive .5 of one millimetre. The exposure time was 15 seconds on a bright clear sunny day. The negative is a whole sheet of 10×8 inch blackandwhite photo paper and that has been contact printed on to another 10×8 inch sheet of paper and then I’ve scanned both negative and positive and placed them onto the one page so I can upload them here together.

So volia….. pinhhole photography rules……:)


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  • aglaia b
    aglaia babout 6 years ago

    down to the rawest form!
    love this so much juilee, from the positive/negative black and white, to the strong composition, awesome double exposure, symmetrical layout, description and very modern looking creative piece of art!
    a final 1m2 digital print to boot! WOW!
    TOP STUFF! ;-) xox

  • Hey thanks aglaia…. great comment… and it’s been such a lot of fun doing this… analouge has so much juice left in it…… I do lots with liquid light as well and that also is just such fun to play around with…. so tricky and all that but so much fun when it works……. :)

    – Juilee Pryor

  • Mel Brackstone
    Mel Brackstoneabout 6 years ago

    Wow, what she said :)

  • hi there Mel….. and hey thanks….. I get so caught up with ‘serious’ images that sometimes its good to remember that I actually really truly love the craft of photography. And yesterday I had such fun with my various pinhole cameras that it’s given me a whole new lease of life here as well……. which has got to be a good thing…….:)

    – Juilee Pryor

  • aglaia b
    aglaia babout 6 years ago

    LOL, you’re doing an awesome job juilee. i’m so getting my little ones into this stuff hehehe. yes i know about the tricky, however when you get it right, it’s such a high! ;-) xox

  • I so know what you mean…. when the dear students are pulling out their pink and purple dreadlocks with the frustration of there not being any control Z function to analouge … I tell them…. hells bells if it was easy then everybody would do it and then it would be even harder to be fabulous at it…I mean who wants to be good at doing easy stuff as a concept to aspire to…..:)

    – Juilee Pryor

  • AndyGii
    AndyGiiabout 6 years ago

    I’ve seen some amazing pictures come out of pinhole cameras but never anything like this. Truly unique

  • thanks Andy…. I think the image has more impact as I’ve got the negative and the postive together so you can really see how that works….. so glad you like it though…..:)

    – Juilee Pryor

  • steen
    steenabout 6 years ago

    noice work julie

  • why thanks kind sir…:) how’s the battle to save the beach going btw?

    – Juilee Pryor

  • Trevor Fellows
    Trevor Fellowsabout 6 years ago

    I Agree awesome.


  • thanks heaps Trevor… it was a lot of fun making these shots yesterday……:)

    – Juilee Pryor

  • H Maria Perry
    H Maria Perryabout 6 years ago

    Pinhole photography rules!

  • Ya for simplicity and hurray for pinhole cameras………:)

    – Juilee Pryor

  • aglaia b
    aglaia babout 6 years ago

    oh juilee!
    you’re WONDERFUL! ;-) xox

  • Cathryn Swanson
    Cathryn Swansonabout 6 years ago

    Cool stuff juilee.

  • hey thanks Chanel2…. more mad analouge stuff…… glad you like it though……..:)

    – Juilee Pryor

  • helene
    heleneabout 6 years ago

    Very cool juilee :o)

  • thanks Helene I had fun with these…..:)

    – Juilee Pryor

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