Graffitti walking tour of Newtown and Enmore

Last weekend I had the great pleasure of being asked to accompany a graffitti walking tour of Newtown to talk about a particular mural that I painted that has subsequently become a bit of a local icon. I have done all sorts of interesting … well interesting to me anyway… things as an artist over the years but the time I spent working and making art on the streets of Sydney would have to one of the most exciting and I have extensive archives of images from murals and street art from that time. Anyway an old friend Matthew Peet… aka Mistery… (who btw is one of the premier street artists not only in Sydney but in the whole country and who rightly deserves his title of graffitti King…his work is legendary and he has painted in his very distictive style in over 20 countries around the world) ……

The Luckiest Boy in the World

Earlier today there was a bit of an incident down on my local beach. A small boy got into the family car which was parked on a reasonably steep street across the road from the beach and managed to release the handbrake and knock this brand new Lexus wagon out of gear. The car rather predictably then took off down the street and rolled right out into the busy main road, over the gutter and down another steep driveway then crashed through two fences and go straight over a sheer eight metre cliff straight on to the sands below. The small boy managed to avoid all traffic and pedestrians and steered the car perfectly down the second long narrow driveway and then leapt from the car just seconds before it went airborne over the cliff escaping with a few cuts and bruises. Not such happy news for …

The Winter Cycle: or how to paint Sydney Park with fire and lime

The Winter Cycle: A hill painting project in two parts:

Every now and again I might mention that I am really a painter not a photograher …but never follow through with examples of paintings…. now that won’t change hugely in the near future as my painting practice is often really personal and hence quite private…. but…. but I thought I’d do a journal about at type of painting that I once did where I was able to use the landscape as the actual canvas. Below is an image that looks rather abstract and simple. It’s called “Flaming Moebious with full moon” and it’s a photograph of a 50 metre long Moebious strip… the infinity symbol ….burning under a full moon and a little star….. and this journal is a document about how it came in to being.


The Winter Cycle was a two part project that had its

What's this then? Zeus over Antarctica......

Well time to post a very mysterious image that I took just over nine years ago while on a NYE flight over Antarctica. The strangeness of this shot has facinated me ever since I shot it. Its the very next shot to Midnight over Antarctica and was taken possibly less than a minute after that shot… probably less.…

This flight was plauged by very heavy cloud cover over the landmass and the plane had to turn swing about a bit in order to find some good viewing for the passengers. In the image you can clearly see that the plane has turning into a corona which was circling the sun, the edge of which is clearly visable as the arc in the centre of the image. To the very right is the effects of lens flare shown by the distictive hexagonal shapes within the corona. At the bottom is the tops of the den

Short Story Collaboration with Lawford

A week or so ago I posted a random picture taken in Buenos Aires as I was being driven around the city in a taxi. The image itself doesn’t really fit into anything else I’m working on but it’s still a vibrant and ambigous image that’s full of life and mystery. I said at the time that it would make a great start for a short story and left it at that. Well a couple of days ago Lawford contacted me and said he’d like to have a go at putting some words with it. And today I just got in from work and cranked up the computer and the very first thing I see is the wonderful excellent little story that he has made to go with this image. So please everybody take five minutes and go and have a little look at the image and then read the story and let Lawford know what you think.…

I’m so pleased with ho

At least 250 megapixels worth of negative.

A couple of days ago I made a bold statement in regard to the negatives of some of my images. I’ve posted some photo’s taken with a handmade camera that uses over sized 120 film. There is a small detail in the sky that is actually a helicopter towing a huge flag. Because the negative is so large and so fine, I have boldly stated that it is the equivelent of around 250 to 300 megapixels. And because the negative is so big and the film used was so fine this image and its companions will enlagre up to huge mural size prints with no loss of quality.…

So what do people think of this bold assertion? How do others rate their negatives in terms of megapixels? I manage a small analouge darkroom at a regional university and tell the students that a 35mm analouge neg is the equivelent to about 90 meg

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