I just love trying be creative and artistic. My main hobby is taking photos of all that the world around us has to show. I also like to do some manipulation with my photo editing software. I also enjoy a bit of watercolour painting. And there is just so much world out there to capture in photographs.


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Oh Happy Day - Sales Sales Sales

Woo Hoo I just logged on to find out that I had sold a Tshirt and 6 stickers of Give em Hugs Not Drugs . A very big thank you to the lovely person/s whoever your are that liked them enough to buy them.. And even happier to know that somebody out their will be helping to spread the positive message by wearing it. / Sincere thanks / Judy
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Wow! Another Sale

I just wanted to say a very big thank you to the wonderful person who purchased one of my Tshirt designs earlier today.. / Eyes In The Sky / My kira kitty in the image is proving to be quite popular I have sold 3 of these Tshirts and 1 sticker of it too and about 3 other things with her on it.. If this keeps up I will have to start paying her for being my model LOL. / Cheers Judy
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2 Sales Today

Wow I was very happy when I logged on today to find that I have had 2 sales overnight.. / 1 Tshirt & 1 sticker of my Eyes In The Sky / And a big Thank You to the lovely person who purchased them. / Judy
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Wow! What a Great Week

I couldn’t be happier.. This has been a terrific week both here on RB and Off RB.. First I logged on about 3 days ago just before the weekend to find That I had made the first sale in at least 6 months. Then myself and my husband glennmp went away to Ballarat for a weekend package at Soveriegn Hill (a theme park set around Ballarat / during the Gold Rush in the 1800s) including accommod…
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