Interview with a most extraordinary street photographer,David Malcolmson

My second interview is with
David Malcolmson
an old friend and whom i owe being on RB.I also owe him big thanks for the inspiration from his work and for the suoprt.
First i’ve seen David’s photography,i rejoiced in the fact that my favorite style of photography is still alive and very much so,when in hands of a master like David.
It’s my great pleasure ,to introduce, to who hasnt yet discovered ,this great photographer and artist and i’m ever so greatul ,that you David ,accepted to do this interview.
Oh my! Now i’m blushing,reading all the praise you wrote about my work but i dont edit anyone ,so
i will not edit you either.
My personal favorite of David’s photos are(just to mention a few):

How does being a creative person and pursuing your creativity affect other aspects of your life?

Creativity, expressed in my photography and my writings, has long been an integral part of my life. It has increased my awareness of the world around me, sharpened my observation and brought me face to face with all the rich variety of humanity.I have always loved the arts – the fruits of others’ creativity – without them life for me would be mere existence. Art has sustained me throughout difficult times and has never failed to provide enjoyment and stimulus.If any of my work could in some small way enrich the fabric of life I would feel that I have given something back to art for all the pleasure it has given me.

Tell us about one person or moment that has made your time on redbubble particularly special or meaningful?

There have been several individuals and experiences that have enhanced my experience of redbubble. JudyBJ, has long been a friend and an inspiration.Our photographic interests coincide in several ways. I love her humour and her humanity. She is one of the very finest photographers here, and she keeps me on my toes! Discovering the work of
Deborah Parkin
has given me a great deal of pleasure on account of its individuality and emotional depth. She is already a fine photographer and it will be interesting to see how her art is influenced by her forthcoming photography course. I love great landscapes and
Peter Daalder
never fails to deliver the goods. It is really quite difficult for a photographer to convey to the viewer what was so affecting in the scene before the camera. Peter is one of those who does manage this feat time after time. His use of colour is very individual and really suits the unspoiled landscape of Tasmania.
Tony Ryan
has been a stimulating influence through his writing and philosophy of life and has encouraged me to write once more. Thank you, Tony.

Show & tell us about five works on redbubble that have moved or inspired you?
Tiny old lady at the market

Deborah Parkin

Peter Daalder
Mount Owen Dawn

Jacqueline Baker
The Adoration

Hope everyone has ejoyed this and big thanks David for the privilage


  • Moshe Cohen
    Moshe Cohenover 6 years ago

    Great interview Judy.
    David and you are on my watch list for some time, and both of you inspire me.
    The Adoration by Jacqueline Baker, an old friend, is one of my favorites.

  • Thank you Moshe .
    I hope i’ll ever become as good a photographer as David is

    – JudyBJ

  • rochelle
    rochelleover 6 years ago

    yes same here – on my watch list – always looking forward to seeing the latest work – well done both of you – cheers rochelle

  • abefleur
    abefleurover 6 years ago

    David is a huge inspiration to me and i have really enjoyed reading this interview. I am quite speechless to be named here and feel so honoured (I mean that sincerely) – you have made my day. Thanks also for the heads up on the other artists – i already know of Judy’s work and like David find her inspirational. A great insight into a great photographer.

  • MichaelBr
    MichaelBrover 6 years ago

    Superb interview Judy and David. I really enjoyed reading it and finding more exciting artists on RB. It is fantastic how much help and friendship can be found here on RB and how more senior experienced and professionals inspire and devote time to others.
    Great job

  • Jacqueline Baker
    Jacqueline Bakerover 6 years ago

    Hello David,

    WOW sharp-intake-of-breath….what a WONDERFUL surprise…..and a lovely gesture…..i’m kind of stammering a bit coz i’m so flushed with happiness i don’t know what to say! Maybe i should start with thank you!! I didn’t realize that the Adoration had had such an effect on you or anyone else…..i knew people liked it because of the wonderful comments but to know that this image influenced or inspired someone is one of the greatest compliments anyone could ever pay to me…ever! It has made me feel all humble and all i can think of to say is again thank you!!

    God Bless David…
    Jacqueline xx

  • JudyBJ
    JudyBJover 6 years ago

    Hey guys,it’s not me,but David who is wonderful ,so all credit goes to him

  • marshall calvert  IPA
    marshall calve...over 6 years ago

    mono has a way of making history romantic but David doesn’t need that adage his work is so strong and as an ex black & white worker of 20 years I can appreciate his wonderful skill in mono but also his skill with people and his great timing superb is used a lot but here it fits the man to a tee

  • Gisele Bedard
    Gisele Bedardover 6 years ago

    Fantastic interview,I love David’s work,his photography has a timeless feeling and powerful integrety,bravo.

  • Peter Daalder
    Peter Daalderover 6 years ago

    When David drew my attention to this recent interview, I had no idea that I was going to encounter a reference to my own portfolio. Whilst I am very humbled by the honourable mention, I hope that everyone can take the time to absorb David’s extraordinary body of work.
    I am in awe of his ability to connect the viewer with his human subjects. For me, one of the most striking images in his current portfolio is Charing Cross Road