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Judith Loske was born in a small town in Germany. In 2010 she completed her degree in illustration at the Ruhrakademie. Shortly thereafter she found a publisher for her diploma work “Sadakos Kraniche”. It was published by minedition in 2011. Now she works as an illustrator mainly in the field of children’s publishing.

Judith’s prefered mediums are pencil, collage, watercolours and Photoshop. Telling storys with pictures is a fascinating job for her.

The second thing she is fascinated by – are cats! Her red Maine-Coon loves to sit on her drawing desk and watch her while she creates her art.

In her gallery you can find a lot of art and illustrations for children ( and people who still feel like a child). There are cats, mice and funny, lovely and sweet products for you.


-Sadakos Kraniche, minedition 2011
also available in English, French and Dutch

-Der Koffer, die Katze und die Tuba, minedition 2012
also available in English and French

- Mein Schatz bist du!, Text: Lucy Scharenberg, Thienemann 2013
only available in German

- Unter dem Baobab, CreateSpace 2013
only available in German

-Das rote Blatt, Hinstorff 2014
only available in German

-Alice im Wunderland, Text: Lewis Carroll/Patricia Schröder, cbj 2014
only available in German

-Der kleine Pirat, Text: Franzobel, Picus 2015
only available in German

  • Joined: April 2013

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