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As Red Bubbles Turn...

Yes, it’s been a while since I joined this wonderful Art Community and I’m wishing I was at leisure to spend more time here.

What else do you have to do, Jude? you say. You spend hours drawing so why not splash some images onto Red Bubble?

Well, the drawing and the splashing are the easy parts, and even examples from my Dreamyfish Art collection can do that without batting a fish’s eyelash or causing a ripple or stir.

And I guess the whole world now deals with issues such as job loss, cut work hours, and other difficult losses. Around here, a job loss has been on our menu – until last Monday when my son-in-law began a new job.

A miracle? I know! Isn’t it? ;p

As I type he is on his second day of training in cold, icy Winnipeg. If any Winnipegans read this, I wish I were there, too! Not for training, of course. His techie job wouldn’t suit. But – full disclosure: I’ve always wanted to visit Canada.

Is that just crazy?

Not being much for travel (unless it involves family matters) I’ll never make it so far North from way down here in Georgia, but at least there will be a ‘report’ from my son-in-law who’s already mentioned frozen sidewalks that no one seems bothered about clearing. But he is very happy to be there (“psyched!”), in training, and soon to return to his new position here in Georgia…Atlanta, actually.

My hopes for the rest of 2009 are that anyone who needs a job gets hired, anyone who’s hungry is fed, and all who love life be allowed to live it as they wish!

Oh – and that an economic stimulus package gets passed on Capitol Hill that isn’t gutted beyond belief of the things that those who are sorely in need long for – in spite of Politics, that ‘organized system of hatreds.’

Other than that, I hope one day to figure out how to download the correct sizes and pixels here (tech-challenged) so I’d better hush for now, download one more image, and call it a day!

Cheers to All, Jude

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