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Red Bubble turns out to be fabulous!

Though I’m still very much a newbie here, my friend TK was right: Red Bubble is a very supportive and encouraging Art Community.

Not being a techie though, my concern is about Ever being ready to do some of the fancier things here like making my area nicer for company, uploading images for greeting cards, posters, calendars (that’ll never happen!), and T-shirts (fat chance!)

TK has given me a heads-up on a bunch of ‘how-tos’ which is why I’m not certain I can manage it after reading it – sheesh. And adding shout-outs to my Art Gallery blogs and other blogs? Fuggedabowdit!

Well, it goes without saying that tutorials are definitely in my future…

Be any of this as it may, mucho thanx to all of you – you’ve have been so responsive and kind about the bits I have uploaded just to get my toes wet, that I declare I feel happy when I’m visiting the RB site – and that can’t be said for just any old website, now can it?

Smiles! jc

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