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…..can you feel me
…………..……feel you
to have your feel
……….around my
……………….at my
……………….on my
…………………in my
……………..with my
..………….under my
……………..over my
………………until my
…can’t you feel me
…………..……feel you
to have your feel


i am still awake
last night’s still just now
love still over us
the confetti cut
out of sticky sheets
with our body sweat
good as mixed in glue
like paper-mache
guess they use it for
the millions to one
signifier when
one winner takes all;
i am still awake
last night’s still just now
love still over me
stilky all over
yes when all covered
with sex , saliva,
left over passion
we should clean as cats
and kiss/clean always
all ways kissing clean
cleaning our mouths by
kissing clean our mouths
already throat growls
as i kiss my hands
ope like ’twere your mouth
unclosed fists feel like
kissing everywhere
yes we can; no dare
don’t forget i am
always doing all this to you
no matter where you are what you are doing.
holding you tender but firm and
allowing us eachothering continuously:
sorry i’m hurrying.
i’m always every where in you i
only wish i had more but, no, i
wish i had 4 of me me x 4 loving
you all the time always only me and
you feeling all and as you
tire they turn into you and i go mad
at feeling pleasure tearing out of me to
you so shivering we do eventually
fuse if not sexually exhautingly
just clinging pure need/want breaths full, our
parts more like each others’
thanks to loui jover’s “the destitute poet”)
like my place
only booxs
boxes mags
paper pens
cokes diet
’sas “only”
as you get
.thanks! lap top
and she you
let me reach:
romance in
yes i can feel it
myra breckinridge
yes luv this message
is on s b s
when r rating came
is tonights programme
i ll just think of food
might ve seen them all
midnight cowboy s song s
about all i liked
hoffman s pathetique
pierced right thru to me
deserved an oscar
so d the young cowboy
don t move your hands round
stop trying to touch me
got to do something
what about that food
preferred ken russell s
cook an omelet
tchiakovsky movie
no you cook the eggs
i never managed
doing an omelet
no not completely
(always some egg white
still in the shell too)
hey they passed a yolk
body to body
don t know the name of
by hand back of hand
shoulder to shoulder
catch! before it drops
let it slide up arm
by bending backward
arm against body
loose top of tits
it to s & fro s when
cleavage clutches it
……………four heads watch to
slurp just as it drips
(each breaks yet a yolk
where ‘e mouths the leak
first in the cleavage
i think you improved
that yolk of a film
letting me go on
and tell it my way.
you can go on
imagine potfulls
all over her bod
the hundred s ants o’er
the struggling cockroach
but here she knows is
picked to be pleasured
blindfolded & bugged
now come the casuals
who mouth eggs to break
on her her body
a body will come
who will break their eggs/
mouth all the body
like that bed of mouths.
(omelet mix in bath
wide ’nough making love
eating each other
e’en eating dinner
mostly the raw prawns
oysters scallops and.
also off each/each
a pleasure of most
exquisite tinge when
as the lips then suck
out the most tender
zone hole orifice
such pleasure, you,

don’t know how often said; thought; surely, contemplated
that heavenly denotes six as well as nine as well
note the always ness adding now now now the other
gawks lookswatches vows admires sounds/trills will/sing her blues
retroprocity’s total city full responding
responses rather then responding like love ‘tis loves
discretely discreting! than clumsily tsunaming!
(insight; tellingly tells it apes man’s treatment of man;
next stage in evolution: nature psycho dramas!)
love loving you eating you as dish before the king
Xtra sexy by accident
by how
withdrawal of garment, partial
remnantly inflicting
line; patch; pull-holding;
ensculpturing particular attractiveness
in addition
so that you’ll wake to seee me gawk you
as though in prayer/awe….want!, yet
transfixed in adulation/wonder/stupefaction
as though apparitioned
so unexpected the vision resulting in
my simple reach out to pull/alert/arouse
with/by the cloth on/over/draping yr body then asleep/rest
lying next me
waking again wearily, initially
bit less than those times before
to personify the wonts we creat immediacy to want now
with/from our selves to meld this time’s offering
we being so selflessly wantingly giving t’otherly like
third-eye(?) present
malaysian thank you!
‘terima kaseh’ (‘receive’ ‘give’)
were ethos

9 (sending a picture)
soon as
no qualms
sheer ignorance of how
to work the thing that’d take the pic onto the comp
to internet to redb to dulci
to your eyes
banging on your mouth on/
at being sensedata ed
no event too un/small/other to
include salutation
‘knocking at heaven’s door’
lewd crude intrude s
are intimidation’s properties
not intimate responses
therein the dif
one is: one aint
as/if/when i fail, i intimidate
the way of love
always towards
(and! a spell here)
means everything

means u/i have me/you
on the table
as once twice thrice?
suggested stated
always wanted
on a plate i.e.
hands than carving tools
noise may too indulge
face may fall on food
do other than snore
may play with the food
fidget with it e’en
noisily eat the soup
if you did say grace say’t again
eating, a sacred ceremony
you glowfully experience gratitude

dulcinea 1 to 10


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