Graphic Designer and Digital Artist
Bachelor in computers and audiovisual media

My name is Juan carlos Morales Padilla
I was born in Montería, Colombia

My current city is Bogotá D.C., since 4 years ago.
actually i work like a graphic designer for an agency.

My art is influenced day after day for the streets…
their people, the urban enviroment, tv, internet and media.

I agree … there is a tremendous amount of
creative possibilities by exploring new mediums,
while challenging our own perspectives or ways
of perceiving reality.

I have a tendency not to explain or describe my
art into great detail as i believe it diminishes
the emotional response / effect on the person viewing
the work. “The artwork does not possess any hidden
agendas, It is authentic in the moment”. (Samuel Schmid)

  • Joined: August 2010


DESIGN CULTURE In Response to "Just Do It." by Wendy Richmond

by Wendy Richmond / Lately I find myself walking around with a voice in my head that keeps repeating the Nike slogan: “Just Do It.” My book was recently published, and there’s a long list of marketing tasks in front of me, but I have a hard time facing many of the items, and “Just Do It” is not the motivator that works for me. / Perhaps you can relate. Most people in creative fields must self-pro…
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