I have been doing images all my life. Studied under Gasson and many others. Influnce one of Diane Arbus ,Manet, Dagas and Ensal Adams.AM influenced by the Greek sculptors. One can see the move into three dimensionality with the sculpting of “athlete scraping oil” standing in the polykleitan motive. The Egyptians. Esp under Akhenaten, one can see how to grow out of stylism . I can tell a real Pollock from a forgery by the presence or lack of fractal qualities. So much art history, from Talbot with his paper negatives, Steichen with his complete control of the medium, and have always preferred the personality in photos by Cartier-Bresson and Minor White to Adams. The paintings at Lascaux have always inspired me. Finally overcoming a devastating divorce and looking for work in the art field.
I print with an 8 clor EPSON wide format archival

  • Age: 59
  • Joined: October 2008