I have been interested in photography since I was about 12, when I won my first photography competition (at a small rural show) – however I never really thought I’d progress beyond “point and shoot” photography and it is only in the last 24 months I’ve been getting the camera out and really trying to come to grips with it. I use an Olympus E-Volt E-300 at the moment, and am saving up for a Canon 5D Mk II.
I started practicing on local wildflowers, since they are beautiful, and they sit still while I fiddle with the camera for ages. I’m also interested in landscapes, architecture, macro, urban decay, rural images and, occasionally, portrait and candid pictures.
I use Photoshop a small amount but I try to keep my images as “real” as possible – partly because I just like them better that way, and partly because I don’t like spending hours on post-processing. So, most of the photos you will see here are unprocessed.
Stay tuned!

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