Lubbock, United States

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The Name’s Jess Yandow
(Jesse Stuart Yandow) and I’m
originally from Bristol,

I’m a minister of the Universal
Life Church in Modesto,
California. On-Line registration.
Otherwise, no
religious hang-ups.

I wrote my first novel by the age
of 25. It took two weeks,…

LSD-25: Narcissus Complains
About Water Pollution. Google it.

I’ve got two Bachelor’s Degrees
from the University of
Connecticut in Storrs, CT.
There’s the Bachelor of Fine
Arts in Graphic Design and then
there’s the Bachelor of the Arts
in English.

The Honorable Discharge from
the Air Force came in December
of 2000. I was a Diet Therapy
Specialist there – a cook in a

I did appear in PlayGirl
Magazine once. November 1993,
“Campus Hunk Hunt” Issue.
Long time ago.
(Sorry: no photo available.)

A series of geographically distant
moves as well as a series of
personal\ family\ financial\ legal
set-backs have left me
constantly re-starting from the
absolute bottom rung of the
career ladder. I haven’t given
up on that first million just yet,
but, MAN, that climb REALLY

And now I’m an English teacher.

  • Age: 45
  • Joined: September 2011