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I come and I go with hardly any time on my hands. But What I do post, I hope that everyone enjoys. I started taking pictures about 2-3 years ago, and just have a little point a shoot camera.
I’m a very athletic 16 year old that has more Passion that the usual teenager, about pretty much Anything I do. I Love art, I, paint, Draw, take pictures, do pottery, do sports, and I absolutely LOVE to dance :)
Take a look a round, feel free to leave a comment.
Thanks! :)

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I'm leaving redbubble.. :(

I don’t know if any one cares, But I’m leaving redbubble, just to let you know. / I find it a waste of time any more, with no camera, and no time, and no comment, or sales. No offence to any one on here, I love you all, but I’m taking up space, find me on facebook if you wanna still chat. / Love ya all. / (my face book is the same, altho its Jessica, instead of Jess) / <3 /…
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Hey… I havn’t been on this thing forever… I’m not deleting it, but I have been INCREDIBLY busy… and I don’t know how long it will be till I upload more pictures… I have a bunch more to put on… but I don’t know when I’ll find the time… Thanks so much / Jessie
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hey... sorry guys!

hey… this girl on this website… the first one I met here… told me something that made alot of sence… I don’t need to tell people what to beleive… and I’m sorry! please forgive me if you know what I’m talking about!:) thanks, I love you guys!!!
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hey again!

hey… make sure you all check out Linji and katie marie… there both awesome!!! / honestly… Linji is the best painter ever.. and katie is my sister… she great as well!!! / you wont regret it!!! / thanks alot / Jessie
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