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Bronte and Peyton in Republique de Paris, 1895 adapted from Eugene Galien Laloue by Jsimone Nortre Dame Cathedral on the Seine by Jsimone The Pubs of Old London, Circa 1905 by Jsimone The Sea Comes to Me from the collection “So… Strength GABRIEL’S OBOE It is time / Gabriel’s Oboe / Nareina THE OBOE WEEPED AS I SAT TO PLAY I am here, I will catch you, go YOU NEVER SAID GOODBYE The dark wounds of the clouds showed / As angered / Perhaps so / As the rain poured forth A LESSON FROM THE SANDPIPER we will again live / for I have given you / your life back / be free Nareina in Paris, adapted from Eugene Galien LaLoue  C 1913 by Jsimone SONG FOR NAREINA pLAY THAT ONE SONG BEFORE i GO Delfshaven, Rotterdam, Holland (Delft Port), C. 1650 by Jsimone Canals of Utrecht, Holland, C 1300 by Jsimone Grendelpoort, Valkenburg Holland C 1300 by Jsimone Fishing Harbor, Vollendam, Holland C 1600's by Jsimone Hazewind Mill, Geiten, Holland C 1883 by Jsimone Maastricht, Holland, Renaissance Bridge-House, C 1550 by Jsimone The Paddock at Saratoga Racetrack, C. 1935 by Jsimone Evening Glow, Granville from Eugene Galien Laloue c. 1920 by Jsimone Water Street, Old Norfolk, Virginia circa 1887 by Jsimone Johns Bros Coal & Wood, Old Norfolk, VA circa 1910 by Jsimone East Main Street from Roanoke Avenue circa 1895, Norfolk, VA by Jsimone Souvenir of the Bresle at Incheville from Camille Corot, 1870 by Jsimone Old Norfolk, Virginia, Main Street Circa 1900 by Jsimone Two Schooners at Sunset, Old Norfolk, Virginia 1925 by Jsimone Drummond House, Ghent, Old Norfolk, Virginia 1885 by Jsimone The Dickson House,Granby Street, Old Norfolk, VA 1866 by Jsimone Woodcutters in Countryside of France from Eugene Galien Laloue circa 1905 by Jsimone Old Norfolk, VA, Granby Street, 1899 by Jsimone Pier, Warehouse Old New York, Philadelphia RR, Norfolk, Virginia 1893 by Jsimone Boush Street, Norfolk, Virginia 1894 by Jsimone Fentress Market and Sundries, Norfolk, Virginia 1895 by Jsimone The Occupation of Norfolk, Virginia by Union Troops 1865 by Jsimone Paris,, Boulevard Bonne Nouvelle, au Théâtre du Gymnase from Eugene Galien-Laloue by Jsimone Village - Scène Bordeaux, France from Eugene Galien Laloue by Jsimone Commercial Place, Norfolk, Virginia, 1912 by Jsimone Place de la République, Paris from Eugene Galien LaLoue 1900 by Jsimone L'ancien Trocadéro - Paris from Eugene Galien Laloue by Jsimone Ferme en bordure de chemin from Eugene Galien Laloue 1899 by Jsimone The Arc De Triomphe from Eugene Galien Laloue 1890 by Jsimone Ships in the Harbor from Eugene Galien Laloue 1900 by Jsimone A Paris Evening from Eugene Galien Laloue 1890 by Jsimone Main St at Market Square, Norfolk, VA 1800 from Black Plate by Jsimone Countryside Outside Paris from Eugene Galien-LaLoue by Jsimone Cullercoats, England from an Engraving 1880 by Jsimone The Country Store from W Homer 1899 by Jsimone Old Dominion Steamship, Norfolk, VA 1910 by Jsimone East Main Street, Norfolk, VA 1911 by Jsimone By The Shore From W Homer by Jsimone WAITING The world misjudged me / Or just forgot about me / Not knowing a thing about me / Or the pain in disuse / As we suffer — mostly alone… Dinner from Winslow Homer by Jsimone ONCE At long journeys end / Tightening, at the close of the last / Script in the dimmed / Façade of lights / Standing idle in spectacular / Ques… Portraits a la Campagne from Gustave Caillebotte, circa 1885 by Jsimone My Old Home Town, Remembering The streets disappear now / As new generations, new timber, new / Times come to pass / And along the / Pathways in our hearts / Lay the wre… A Tear from the Soul Perhaps Is happiness sadness and sadness joy. Tears flow for many reasons and the soul can decide why as we show ourselves, open and, vulnerable. … The Parquet Planers from Gustave Caillebotte, 1875 by Jsimone Return of the Fishermen to Boulogne from Luigi Loir 1880 by Jsimone ON THE CELTIC MOON OVER THE IRISH HILLS Ahhh, the Irish, hearty, full of life and determination and will, which gives them pride and stamina and the soul to conquer and thrive. WHAT SHE LEFT FOR ME TO FIND What they leave for us to find SNOW ON THE ELEGANT NORTHERN PINES The slant of the roof / Curling in the lost winds / Enduring / As the ageless journeys / Come to a cease / Amidst the slow howls deep in th… Sunset-Outside of Paris from Luigi Loir, Circa,1895 by Jsimone The Voice in the Woods near the Old Crooked Tree The crooked tree, the voice, the simplicity, the acceptance Landscape in Normandy from Pierre Bonnard, circa 1920 by Jsimone A Man Smoking from Paul Cezanne by Jsimone IN THE ELEGANCE Black stockings wrapped around my / Neck / from you / Thrown over the chair like / A fox fur / Binding to the body / I’ll keep looking for… TURNING THE PAGES I held my mother’s breast / In my mouth until I came of age / To hear the sounds of life / Like the rustling hurried thunder / Clapping ove… AVEC MOI Avec Moi Paris Morning from Luigi Loir circa 1890 by Jsimone Houses In Provence Near Gardanne from P Cezanne by Jsimone LIVING PAST MY LIFETIME I have lived past my lifetime / In the chaotic ambivalent dreams / Hung like plastic cans across / The walls / Nostalgic penance paid / To … Turn in the Road from P Cezanne by Jsimone In Bloom, Lake Coumo, Italy by Jsimone Houses Along The Road from P Cezanne by Jsimone On The Quai, Le Havre from Luigi Loir by Jsimone House of the Hanged Man Auvers Sur Oise from P Cezanne by Jsimone Blvd de Vaudeville from Edouard Cortez, 1915 by Jsimone WHEN THE SNOW MELTS When the snow melts / exposing relics of / Past seasons, the fur down unflocked eagles / Last swoop to prey / Caught in the icy nostalgia,… Side Street of Paris at Dusk from Luigi Loir by Jsimone A Parisian Square, Paris 1890 from Luigi Loir by Jsimone Near Reims, France from Edouard Cortes, early 1900's by Jsimone THE JOURNEY The trail parting / Like the reeds at the waters / End / Flowing into the channels / Hearts torn to each other / Facing the soft webs / In…
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