Jordan Selha

Jordan Selha

Des Moines, United States

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I am a returning student at Iowa State University. My BS and MS are from ISU in English and Sociology with minors in African American Studies and Gender. Right now, I am studying topics that interest me and they may or may not lead to a degree. I’m currently taking classes in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator through the College of Design.

I’ve been working for a non-profit AIDS service organizations for the past 13 years, most recently as the Executive Director. In this line of work I found that I needed a creative outlet. So I started taking an art class once a week. It kept me sane, and now interests me as I move forward in a different career path.

Prior to the past couple of years, I had no idea that I had any artistic ability beyond being able to conceptualize and recognize good design. But when I had someone start to teach me various methods and techniques, I was able to put my ideas into a format that could be shared with others.

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