Jemma Richards

Mount Gambier, Australia

My passion is for photography I love to take photographs and I always look forward to seeing the end result. I enjoy takeing photographs...

Best work of cats or dogs

I want people to share there best capture of a cat or a dog and tell your story how you captured them :). Just talk, have fun and share your work.

My dogs is one of the best photographs I captured of them.

When one of my dog Sofi hurt her paw we got her some dog boots untill it healead and also some dog glasses for fun to get some great photographs. One day the dogs where playing outside and I got the booties and Sofie had one on her paw that was hurt and for fun I put the other boots on my dog Roxy. Roxy was stiff and I place on a small brick wall and the Sofi came over so I said walk and they both looked. Thats how I captured this image.

My favourite cat capture would have to be of little Storm I took this image a few day ago.

With this image I was setting up photos and he went in the tissue box and my aunties doughter Tara wanted him out so I could set up some photographs any way he ended up like this :). Hes a great kitten but very lazy he just would’int jump out.

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