The intuitive comes easy to me in music, poetry, reflective writing and music composition. In mid-life I’m learning to see with a different eye, my real ones!

My passion is creativity! This summer, I released my first CD Ordinary Miralces which is available via CD Baby.

My books published by Regal Crest Books.

In a Southern Closet is my memoir of coming out as a Christian.

More Than Knowing is my first collection of poetry.

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JRobin Whitley holds a Master of Divinity (M.Div) from Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary in Columbia, SC and an B.A. in music from Pfeiffer University.

A native of Stanly County, NC Robin now lives in Western North Carolina. After years of church work and working in corporate America, Robin now lives the path of the freelance artist.
Visual Arts: Photography, drawing, painting
Music: Guitar and Vocals
Literature: Poetry, Non-fiction, Song Writing,
Traditional Art/Craft: Storytelling

In my art, music and stories I seek to convey the beauty I see, hear and feel in the live around us. We are surrounded by the spirit of nature, the soul of sound and the dance of vision. The goal of art is to move us; move us to look inward or reach outward or stop and be still. All we have is here and now and this life before us, over our heads, under our feet, residing in our center is good. My art is an attempt to share this with others while at the same time loving life again and again.

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  • Age: 54
  • Joined: August 2007


Lesbian Book Release - In A Southern Closet

My first book was released yesterday by Regal Crest Books. / My book is a compilation of poetry, reflections and essays this book is written in a style showing the challenges that the Lesbian Christian faces in living an open life, while also seeking to live a life of faith. It is the author’s intent that the book may assist the lesbian reader in identifying the goodness in her own life, an…
Posted about 4 years – 6 comments

Help with Arches Watercolor Block 140lb

What’s the best, cleanest way to remove a sheet from a watercolor block? First time I’ve tired using this.
Posted about 5 years – 8 comments

My Watercolor Features

I’m really pleased that my watercolors are being featured in many different groups. The best part is that the original of most of these have sold or are spoken for and on the way to new homes. / My American Kestrel is done from a photo of Marvin Collins / The Smokey Mountain Barn Scene has been featured twice / !,550×550,075,f.jpg"! / Mo…
Posted over 5 years – 6 comments

A Fantastic Poet new to Redbubble

Hello everyone! / Wanted to introduce my friend Chuck Stetson who has wandered over here from Open Salon. He is an excellent writer. / Have a beautiful day, / Robin
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