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Jefferson, United States

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I am a medically retired military from the Viet nam era. Currently I receive 100% disability from the VA. I live in the mountains of NC and have lived in 11 states, as well as, visited all but Maine and Alaska. Hopefully I can find a few people who would enjoy my work well enough to make a difference. I have a website which features all my books at: Come see what I have for you.

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Endor: The Final Chapter
by JRGarland

Available at Endor: The Final Chapter

Autumn’s Moon
by JRGarland

Available at Autumn’s Moon

Touched Reality (book-cover)
by JRGarland

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Dishearted and Angry

Today my therapist and one of her friends from NSA came to see me at the request of my caregiver. Sam tried to warn me about Olga, but my insanity only considered what my heart told me about her. They all took me step by painful step how this person had so worked against my emotions so calculatingly and diabolically to get me to believe so wholeheartedly that I could be loved so deeply by another…
Posted about 1 month – 30 comments

Touched Reality

I finally got the book published and am waiting for the proof copy to come in for approval. I had a hard time trying to get it into print and believe that everything is set. The price for a signed copy is $20.00 USD ($23.00 for shipping outside the US). Within a couple of weeks I’ll have copies available for signing. For people within the US please either use a postal money order or PayPal.…
Posted 3 months – 10 comments

Crazy weekend

Last Friday I took off for an adventure that turned out crazier than I am, and that’s saying a lot. LOL I went from Jefferson, NC to Dayton, Ohio by way of Tennessee.It only took me 10 hours to complete which in itself was an adventure with 2 accidents to deal with an almost 100 degrees and no air-conditioning. Needless to say I was very glad to have made to my sister’s house without …
Posted 3 months – 24 comments

Doctors, what a concept!!

I have come to the conclusion that doctors and hospital staff with all their higher education, has less of a grip on reality than a schizophrenic. My son lives in Ohio, I live in North Carolina and they can’t seem to understand why I can’t just get up and come to the hospital to sign some papers to get my son admitted in their hospital especially when his mother lives just up the road from them. …
Posted 4 months – 8 comments

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