Jefferson, United States


Fever has broken.

Great news, the fever has broken and the meds the doctors have given me seem to be doing their job. I want to thank each of you who have come to my rescue yet once again with all your prayers and well wishes for my recovery. Tomorrow I’ll get started with doing my features and getting to enjoy more of what I’ve been so hard at trying to maintain.

For those of you who read my poem, my apologies for the way it came out. My computer made a double take of copying and know that it must have seem strange to read. I have a new keyboard and am trying to get use to its temperament with the way I use it. I’m sure it has a lot to do with the way the old board worked for me. LOL That poor old thing went through hell and back with me. I can only hope that I will learn that I don̵…

Feeling sick

Hey all,

I have been feeling mighty sick now for over a week, with high temps and cramping stomach. It is seemingly getting worse so I don’t know know if I’ll be able to get my work done in my groups for a while. Please bear with me and add your thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery. I don’t get sick very often, but when I do they seem to make up for lost time. LOL I have been only able to spend sparactic (spelling) moments throughout the days while spending many hours at a time away doing my thing. Hopefully I’ll start feeling better soon and be able to resume my duties as before.

The Birth of a Nation

Throughout history man has grown up and expanded throughout the world and became an ever growing family. Like with every family, as siblings become cousins, many rivalries sprung up and fought against each other. These warring households separated so emphatically as to develop their own coded language so as to communicate with one another while staying secretive to all others until finally no one knew what language started in life.

As the generations passed on, new territories where opened up and the fight for control excelled. Households became nations and dominance became the name of the game. Nations conquer nations and develop new nations which warred with everyone else. Alliances where forged to make the whole stronger by their common foe and broken when the threats turned against it…

Schizophrenic episode? ... perhaps!!

I know I’m only having a schizophrenic episode, but I get very upset with all this talk of disarming law abiding citizens so that criminals have a hard time getting guns. If you take a good look at the law, you’ll see that the insane and felons are not legally permitted to own a firearm. Yet the media is full of each being involved in the shootings. What is needed is stronger enforcement of existing laws and not any more new laws added to an already proven failed system of justice.

It was noted that Hilary Clinton raged against a citizen, who is under investigation, being allowed to own a firearm, while thinking that it’s ok for someone, who is under investigation, to be allowed to run for president. To me that’s insane and let’s face it … it takes one …

They Finally Came In

Hey all, my books finally came in and I’m ready to take orders. You can purchase my book (And the Beat Goes On) for $20 USD in the US and Canada and $26 USD everywhere else (thanks to the postal carrier). Of course all books come signed from me. I’m excited and hope you are too. Just bmail me if you are interested. I’ll be waiting your response.

It finally happened

Well it finally happened, no more teeth. Yesterday I was totally out of it, but now I’m beginning to see daylight. I won’t be on very much for a while, but will try to keep up with my hosting duties. Please excuse my absence as I will not be able to comment very much for now. Will do my best though so don’t give up on me just yet. LOL

Many thanks to all of you for your prayers and well wishes. They mean a great deal to me. You’re the best!!


Well the surgeon called in sick today, so I got delayed a week. LOL In a way I’m relieved and in a way I’m not. I just want this thing over with. LOL I’m just thankful I could get in so quickly. Usually there would have been a couple of months before a schedule comes open like that, but someone else cancelled so I was able to get their spot.

Keep your fingers crossed for no more delays. I want it done and over with.

The Notorious VA approintment

Tomorrow I go into the VA hospital to get my teeth taken out. Don’t worry, I’ll still be online here, but I won’t be of much use for awhile as I’ll be heavily sedated. The super doses of pain killers and anti-psychotics will play some serious games with my mental faculties. LOL I’m telling you this just incase I say or do something stupid you will know what is going on. LOL Just remember, you’ve been warned. Muahahahahahahahaha!!


FINALLY!! The book’s finally completed the publishing stage and now for the proof copy to examine the quality of the piece and if all is well then it will go to the distributors for sales (about 6 to 8 weeks after its approval). I can’t wait to see the final result of the long hard work in getting this accomplished.

The greatest success for a writer is in the publishing of their works. Sales only measures the success in the promotion of their books. I haven’t been able to promote it too well and am doing better everyday. Soon I hope to be able to put more money and effort into just that … promoting!! It wouldn’t surprise me to see my books become best sellers by the end of the year.

Once the book is approved I’ll get a small batch together for sales thr…

Almost Done!!!

I’m almost ready for the publishers, just a few more things to do and it will be ready for the public. Stay tune for further developments. LOL

I’m so excited I’m about to burst. The apex of a writer’s existence is in the published works. I have each and everyone of you to thank for my continued success. Without you I’d still be dreaming of someday. Many, many thanks for being my friends.

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