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I’m not functioning very well at the moment. Hopefully in a couple of days I’ll do better, just don’t expect much from me. I’m doing my best but not being too successful at it. It may be just a med problem which means in a couple of days I’ll be in a lot better state.

It feels like I needed to say something else, but I can’t figure out what, so I’ll just end this.

RB's Newest Insult

As you all may know by now, the powers that be has seen fit to give the writers another Howdie Doodie. There is no way to post a comment on writer’s works now. As a writer I need the feedback from you good folks who comment on my works in order to grow as a writer. As a host I need to be able to place the featured banners on their works as well. This time the great insult is aimed at the writers. I highly recommend, especially from you writers, that you complain to RB directly and let them know of the problem at hand.


Busy Days

Super busy days are keeping me from commenting and replying to everyone. I’ll have enough time to do my features today, but outside of that I won’t be able to do much else for the next few days. All good stuff happening and I’ll be glad when things settle down again. Hope to see you soon.

What's goin on?

I can’t seem to be able to respond to comments. Does anyone know knows what if happening here? The reply box has seemed to disappear from the comments. I’m hoping that it is just a glitch and everything will go back to normal soon. Until then I hope you all don’t feel that I’m ignoring you.

Sold a throw pillow

Surprise of all surprises, I sold a throw pillow. I never thought any of my images were good enough for anyone to purchase from. Wow, I’m excited as all get out!!! Many, many thanks to the person who bought it and hope you’ll have many a good year with it.

Red City Reviews

I had to see what Red City Review had to say about my other two wizard books, so I sent in the scripts to get reviewed. I’ll list all three of the reviews here, so you can see them in order.

My first review (Endor the Wizard) got the prestigious 5 star rating which was really good for me. It gave me the confidence that all my books will do good. You can see that one here: http://redcityreview.com/our-reviews/endor-the-...

The second review (Endor’s Adventures) got a 4 star review. Not as good as the first book, but a very good review at any rate. This type of rating is what I expected out of each of my books. It is the average rating for books that do very well with the public. You can read its review here: http://redcityreview.com/reviews/endors-advent

Dishearted and Angry

Today my therapist and one of her friends from NSA came to see me at the request of my caregiver. Sam tried to warn me about Olga, but my insanity only considered what my heart told me about her. They all took me step by painful step how this person had so worked against my emotions so calculatingly and diabolically to get me to believe so wholeheartedly that I could be loved so deeply by another human being, especially one so beautiful and seemingly dynamic. It is only Sam’s presence and my assurance that I am able to stay at home and work through this unbearable defeat.

Monday I will start my intense therapy and meet with my psychiatrist to adjust my meds to help me through all of this trauma. It is indeed so disheartening to be so duped and betrayed by someone who considers only …

Touched Reality

I finally got the book published and am waiting for the proof copy to come in for approval. I had a hard time trying to get it into print and believe that everything is set. The price for a signed copy is $20.00 USD ($23.00 for shipping outside the US). Within a couple of weeks I’ll have copies available for signing. For people within the US please either use a postal money order or PayPal. I would need also an address to ship to. Everyone else should use PayPal for payment. Bmail me with your address so I may ship your book out. The email address to use for PayPal is: jgarlandr@hotmail.com and my address is: 260 Oak Tree Ln., Jefferson, NC 28640 USA. If you just want a plain copy then go to lulu.com. I placed a 20% discount on books sold there.

Have the best of gays ahead and ̶…

You May Quote Me

You are the only one who will ever live life your way and obviously you believe that it is the right way. You are either ok with that fact or you’re not. The key and measure lies within your tolerance of others. How tolerant are you?

Red City Review

I recently entered a contest with Red City Review, a notable book review company that sponsors an annual book contest. Unlike other review companies, they do not charge an arm and a leg for their services and deliver top notch reviews for your money. I feel confident that I may win at least a First Prize under the Young adult/ Children’s category and possibly the Grand Prize of all the categories. I am almost certain I’ll at least make the final’s list. Even if I don’t make it to the finals, I am well pleased with the review and would like to share it with each of you. Please go to http://redcityreview.com/our-reviews/endor-the-...
and check out the review. If any of you wish to get a review for your books, I highly suggest considering Red Cit…