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Jefferson, United States

I am a medically retired military from the Viet nam era. Currently I receive 100% disability from the VA. I live in the mountains of NC and have lived in 11 states, as well as, visited all but Maine and Alaska. Hopefully I can find a few people who would enjoy my work well enough to make a difference. I have a website which features all my books at: Come see what I have for you.

Available at Endor the Wizard

Available at Endor’s Adventures

Endor: The Final Chapter
by JRGarland

Available at Endor: The Final Chapter

Autumn’s Moon
by JRGarland

Available at Autumn’s Moon

Touched Reality (book-cover)
by JRGarland

Get Touched Reality at=

And the Beat Goes On
Get And the Beat Goes On here at=

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It finally happened

Well it finally happened, no more teeth. Yesterday I was totally out of it, but now I’m beginning to see daylight. I won’t be on very much for a while, but will try to keep up with my hosting duties. Please excuse my absence as I will not be able to comment very much for now. Will do my best though so don’t give up on me just yet. LOL / Many thanks to all of you for your prayers…
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Well the surgeon called in sick today, so I got delayed a week. LOL In a way I’m relieved and in a way I’m not. I just want this thing over with. LOL I’m just thankful I could get in so quickly. Usually there would have been a couple of months before a schedule comes open like that, but someone else cancelled so I was able to get their spot. / Keep your fingers crossed for no mo…
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The Notorious VA approintment

Tomorrow I go into the VA hospital to get my teeth taken out. Don’t worry, I’ll still be online here, but I won’t be of much use for awhile as I’ll be heavily sedated. The super doses of pain killers and anti-psychotics will play some serious games with my mental faculties. LOL I’m telling you this just incase I say or do something stupid you will know what is going …
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FINALLY!! The book’s finally completed the publishing stage and now for the proof copy to examine the quality of the piece and if all is well then it will go to the distributors for sales (about 6 to 8 weeks after its approval). I can’t wait to see the final result of the long hard work in getting this accomplished. / The greatest success for a writer is in the publishing of their wor…
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