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I am a medically retired military from the Viet nam era. Currently I receive 100% disability from the VA. I’m married/seperated with three wonderful children. Live in the mountains of NC. Lived in 11 states and visited all but Maine and Alaska. Hopefully I can find a few people who would enjoy my work well enough to make a difference.

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You are the only one who will ever live life your way and obviously you believe that it is the right way. You are either ok with that fact or you’re not. The key and measure lies within your tolerance of others. How tolerant are you?
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Red City Review

I recently entered a contest with Red City Review, a notable book review company that sponsors an annual book contest. Unlike other review companies, they do not charge an arm and a leg for their services and deliver top notch reviews for your money. I feel confident that I may win at least a First Prize under the Young adult/ Children’s category and possibly the Grand Prize of all the cate…
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A call for help from the artists

I am working with a publisher who is also trying to work the best possible promotional venture for me. He has asked that I get some sketches done that will show what the different characters look like, elves, fairies and dwarfs. Later on I am also looking for half elves and dragons to add to the mix. Evenually all three of my trilogy books will be redone and we are hoping for something within the…
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Need help with book ratings

I’m working on getting my books promoted. One of the needs that I have been given is to get your help in going to, where my books are listed and rate my books. The more people that give me a good rating the easier it would be to have my books promoted. Also, for those of you who have read my books, if you could give a quick review, it too would help. The books I have out are:…
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