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I am a self taught artist and writer living in Sydney Australia. With my works I explore themes from many areas of life. From the realities of portraiture to the wonderful and evolving nature of imagination and the fantastic and spiritual elements both individual and collective. I have a strong focus on drawing and the technical skills involved with pencils and drawing as a primary medium, and also as an elementary and establishment process in other forms of conceptualisation that contribute to painting and sculpting etc. Please direct all tuition and commission enquires to
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All text and images are copyright protected and do not belong to the public domain. Use of my work, images, text or other for sale or promotion, display etc without my express written permission if forbidden

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Student tuition information (HSC ALSO)

The 3 main questions for students to ask when contacting me for tuition. / 1. What do I want to achieve with tuition. I.E develop greater drawing skills, tackle problems with process or troubleshoot certain subjects, Learn to “see” as artists see. / 2. What media/mediums do I want to gain greater skills in. / 3. What subject/s are my main focus for creative expression. / Answering the…
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Frequently Asked Questions

As an artist when people see me draw or look at my works on the wall of a gallery, business or persons home some regular questions always come up. Here I will attempt to answer some of them. / Q. How long does it take to draw one of your works on average? / A. Depending on the works detail and the medium (pencil or watercolour) / small works (aprox A4) take from 4 to 30 hours and the larger …
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The value of an artwork/s

Last week while riding on the bus i overheard a conversation between a couple who were discussing artworks and the value of each piece or pieces in the womans collection her response to the question of “do you think the piece in question was worth it” was so apt and true to artwork/s (especially when the subject is so hotly and often times pettily argued) that i had to put it here on …
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