I am a busy mom, wife and middle school teacher. I enjoy outdoor activities like cycling, hiking and camping. I also play volleyball. Photography is something I have always enjoyed dabbling in, taking pictures of my family and places I have traveled.

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I Miss My Camera

It hasn’t gone anywhere. It works just fine. The battery is charged. Life has simply gotten in the way. I miss my camera. / I miss the outlet for creativity. I miss the opportunity to show others how I see the world. I miss the challenge of getting the correct settings to capture that image that is seen so perfectly through my eyes. / Spring is upon us, though quite early, and I am feeling …
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My Photographic Journey

I remember my first camera fondly. It was Easter and I was 4 years old and had won a coloring contest at the local pharmacy. I got to choose my prize and the brand new Kodak Instamatic was exactly what I wanted. I began taking pictures that very day and fell in love. / My camera went everywhere with me and I still had it 12 years later, when I was working at my first job and finally able to purch…
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My cards - Thank you!

My husband and I received a wonderful gift that just an ordinary thank you card would not do justice to express our gratitude. We decided to order some prints of my work on cards to make a more personal and appropriate thank you. I spent time looking through and picking the perfect picture, then added a few more that I thought would make nice “everyday cards” (as my daughter calls the…
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