I live in Tasmania on a small farm by myself, I live on the tourist route, so very photogenic here, have always loved photography, have a digital Panasonic camera.

I thoroughly enjoy being on the bubble and have met so many fantastic people and had my mind blown out by the magnificent artwork that is portrayed here, and want to thank everyone for all their marvelous comments and for taking the time to take a look at my work..

I would also like to thank customers who have bought my artwork, it’s always a huge boost to know that someone appreciates my art.

Please take a look here also:

Thank you so very much

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I’ve had a terrible two weeks, rushed off to hospital, haven’t been able to do anything but sit or lie down for 12 days now and to top it all off today I hear that our dear friend ROBIN BROWN has had his account suspended by RB / Robin has put many smiles on my face and I’m sure others, you all know his absolutely great sense of humour and his amazingly witty remarks. Well no m…
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Sold a Card - "Moth"

Found this moth floating in water…. / Thank you very much to the person who bought a card of my “Moth”, so very much appreciated and I hope whoever you send it to enjoys it as much as I enjoyed taking it… :o)
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Please Read this...

I’ve noticed quite a few pillows appearing. I know RB puts them on automatically, but some photo’s have pieces cut off, if you go in and do the pillows yourself you can centre them better so that all your photo appears on the pillow. Just a thought….. I’m seeing to many pillows with “pieces missing”…..
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When we are in “Manage Works” is there any way I can move my artwork around so that I can put my better photo’s up top…..????
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