Requiem: The Story

Requiem was an experiment, an attempt to interpret a psychedelic experience into digital 2-D format. In my blog post, How to Become an Artist, I mentioned that I believe in using digital art tools to create art. I used Photoshop exclusively to manipulate common creative commons photography from Flickr to create the artwork. I’ve never created digital art, but I love to experiment just Leonardo Di Vinci did.

My role model is rapper and producer Alchemist because his approach to art is very visionary, conceptual and cerebral. Music used to directly influence my artwork, but I’ve abandoned that method of inspiration for life experience and deep introspection.

If it makes any sense my art is conceptual pursuit rather than an emotional pursuit.

Anyways Requiem was my first art series, a modest, quiet, and very experimental debut into the art world. You’ll see more of me in the near future, and far future, God willing!


  • Donna19
    Donna19about 2 years ago

    It makes perfect sense. We are all drawn to different creations and ways of learning. What you do is fascinating and a first for me to study. I like conceptual art because it is as a rule fresh. Keep walking down that road and creating. Art should never stay inside of any box.