.Her fingernails are almost nonexistent.
Her hair, short, too short to be called pretty to long for handsome.
Her eyes are green, like her mothers, but darker, more passionate, and fixed on the others surrounding her. She wears clothes that are arguably masculine,
but stunningly feminine, its more of a complex than you would understand.
There is always a pen at hand,
never ballpoint,
always felt tip.
It makes the words look like art.
That’s how she sees it any way.
The coffee stains on her teeth are uncomfortably visible,
but the pack of smokes next to her is more on display.
It compliments the bike chain she wears as a necklace, and contradicts diamonds she is also adorned with. She enjoys that you look at her, and your first reaction is often,
She wants you to want to know her story.
Lesbian’s want her, Straight men want to fuck her,
and she likes that she can smile at both of them and say no.

  • Age: 23
  • Joined: March 2008