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Pattern Tutorial (Illustrator)

How to create a seamless repeating pattern in Illustrator.
Okay, I have finally gotten round to putting together a basic tutorial explaining how to go about creating a seamless repeating pattern similar to my Reggtro pattern.
Before I start I would just like to say, as with most things, there are many ways to achieve the same result and this is just one of them. I encourage you to explore for yourself the different possibilities, and if anyone would like to share their techniques or would like to know how I achieved any of my other patterns please don’t hesitate to add it to the comments below.

I have used Illustrator CS2 for this tutorial but you should be able to recreate this in almost any version of the program.

For those of you proficient in Illustrator here is the basic breakdo…

Free images

Just a quick note to let everyone know, there is a site called ImageAfter which is a wonderful resource for free images and textures. The size of the images range from 1600×1200 to 2560×1920.

Personally I like to use my own images where possible and have a huge library of images for that purpose, but sometimes you need something you can’t or don’t have time to photograph, that is when I head to ImageAfter.

If you work in 3D this is a fantastic site as many of the images are straight texture images, brick walls, rock etc. You would need to make the image tile-able and generate your own bump maps etc, but it can be a great starting point.

Even though all the images on the site are copyright-free, I highly recommend using your common sense! If someone has posted an imag…