New EU flag (if you just read...) by João Figueiredo

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New EU flag (if you just read...) by 

This is part f a series of illustrations that I decided to do as a cartoon/critique to the nowadays economic/political situation in the so called western world.

I decided to make a modification to the EU flag in order to “illustrate” how things has been working in the last years, I explain my point of view:

Before Germany had elected Angela Merkel for Chancellor, the EU had a much more fair working system than now. Basically it was an eternal battle between poor/small countries against the rich/big countries, and things were working pretty well. After Angela Merkel got to the power that changed. Without asking a thing to anybody, she decided to take the “reins of the power” and impose Germany’s will to the rest of Europe. And the rest of Europe gave in…

This is not speculation, these latest happenings with the debt crisis in EU have been quite well illustrative of that.

So, based on this, and on Angela Merkel’s latest statements that she sees (and I quote from the newspapers of 25th Januay 2012) “…a vision of political union…” (and we all know that what she meant was political union under Germany’s ruling and not EU as it should be), I decided to create the new EU flag.

As you can see this is a normal EU flag except it has in the center the eagle present at the German coat of arms. I don’t think any more explanations are needed…


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Coming from Portugal, established in Sweden since 2010. “I tell what I see, I see what I tell.”

Self tought. I am still learning, I allways will be! Landscapes and nature were, are and allways will be my favourite thing to shoot. Other motifs? Yeah, they will come as well…

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  • Ulla Jensen
    Ulla Jensenabout 3 years ago

    ROFL…..I love your illustrations !!!

  • Thanks Ulla!! It’s really amazing when somebody really understands what I am doing over here. So thank you for that, more than the visit, comment and fave, thank you for that!

    – João Figueiredo

  • Mark Williams
    Mark Williamsabout 3 years ago

    “And the rest of Europe gave in…” So very true Joao!!

  • Thank you so much for all the attention Mark! It’s great that someone actually understands what I’m doing over here… I wish we could speak more about these things, definitely it would be a good afternoon…

    – João Figueiredo

  • CanyonWind
    CanyonWindabout 3 years ago

    Just dig deep into Angela Merkel’s past and you will find that her family had very strong ties to the most powerful in Hitlers Nazi Party . As the Krupps still do today . You are seeing the Fourth Reich emerge just as predicted . For out of the ashes the German Adler will appear , of conquer all of Europe . Believe me when I say this . My family is from Kiel and we had all of our lands restored without even asking . I am the oldest and told them I didn’t want them back . But the German government insisted they needed the older families of the Reich restored and now I have the lands . The Party and the aristocracy must be restored I was told.
    Not hard to figure what they are trying to pull. We changed our family name just to get away from that . My real name back then was Bernhard Von Kiel , My father was Graf Wilfred Zu und Von Kiel. My name was reversed by the family once we got here . As was the families. Now the German Government lists me as Graf Bernhard Zu und Von Kiel . Even sent me the papers and a German Passport . So you see my friend that your flag is really the truth .

  • Trust me, I know exactly what is going on, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know what is going on, you just have to pay attention to the news and read a bit of history… My own country (Portugal) is a good example of how the German power inside of EU was built: You may enter EU and you’ll get oceans of money to do whatever you want. The purpose is to develop yourselves, but we don’t really care that you get developed, we know that most of that money is going to go to somebody’s pockets in your country but we don’t care. All that we care is that you stop producing what ever it is that you produce!

    It’s a pity you don’t know portuguese, because in english you’re gonna find it so much more difficult to investigate this, but if you check it out, since 1986, the date we got in EU (EEC at that time) all the pillars of our economy were shut down: National car brand and factories, national motorcycles and bicycles brand and factories, farming, fishing, national electronics brands and factories, train and railway factories, etc… This was the price to pay. Still today, if you’re a fisherman in Portugal and you ask to the government to quit, they will give you money (straight from Brussels) for your boat and a wage for life so you won’t have to work, if you are a farmer, the same thing! Every year we have to pay a fine to the EU because we produce too much milk and we cannot sell it neither (and this is a problem without solution because the problem is that people in the Azores islands have no other way to live but to have cows and produce milk or to fish, they life in the middle of no where, there is nothing more to do there!!).

    And what was the consequence of this politics?? Very simple: If a big group of countries is forced to NOT produce, somebody else will have to produce so the others will manage to keep on living! And this is why countries like Germany, France, Holland or Italy are so dam rich and developed!! Just make a list in a paper with all the things that you have at home or that your neighbors have that come from those countries:

    • Cars (Mercedes, Audi, VW, Opel/Chevrolet/Vauxhall, Porsche, Lamborgini, Ferrari, Fiat, Lancia, BMW, Pegeot, Citroen, Smart, Mini, etc the list is HUGE);
    • Home appliances (Bosh, Whirlpool, Singer, Philips, Miele, Zanussi, etc)
    • Technology (Siemens, Schneider Electric, Alcatel, etc)
    • Luxury and clothing (Adidas, Beneton, Lacoste, and all the high fashion brands that you can possibly imagine…)
    • Many more…

    – João Figueiredo

  • This is how you build an empire in the modern era my friend! No need for warfare, that only brings loss in all senses (only your country still haven’t realized that… I wonder when will you wake up?), the key is to make other people dependent on you! I could be here speaking for ages and explaining many other things, but I wouldn’t be telling you any new… So, as you can see my friend, I know more than many can possibly think, and sometimes I wish I didn’t know so much… We will see how long more until the real faces of the “people” come up…

    – João Figueiredo

  • CanyonWind
  • Thanks for the feature! :)

    – João Figueiredo

  • lucin
    lucinabout 3 years ago

    I so appreciate getting this perspective. It is very hard knowing what really is going on in Europe from here. I am concerned that opportunistic capitalism which favors individuals and not the whole sweeps there as here in usa. P.S. The flag is beautiful. :) But yes, I get it! Thanks for the insight.

  • The flag is beautiful?? lolol I was hoping that it would scare you!! It does scare me… Well, as an answer to your comment I would ask you please to see this and this and read both descriptions. There is a lot more to be said, but for now this is how far as I get. Thank you so much once again lucin for the visit and feedback! Please, do come back any time you wish! :)

    – João Figueiredo

  • kamoore83
    kamoore83about 3 years ago

    well done Joao nice work keep it up :D

  • Thank you so much! :)

    – João Figueiredo

  • Madalena Lobao-Tello
    Madalena Lobao...almost 3 years ago

    Yes, no more explanations are needed…

  • Gracias Madalena, me encanta que me entiendas! :)

    – João Figueiredo

  • Mas sempre afinal tu és Portuguesa… lol Nesse caso, muito obrigado pelo comentário, fico muito contente que compreendas a mensagem que desejo passar! :)

    – João Figueiredo

  • Madalena Lobao-Tello
    Madalena Lobao...almost 3 years ago

    Very well done! Great artwork!!

  • Muito agradecido Madalena, fico muito contente por ver a minha “arte” ser reconhecida por uma comunidade!

    – João Figueiredo

  • Irina Chuckowree
    Irina Chuckowreealmost 2 years ago

    Hear! Hear! (a shout of approval in UK parlament)
    I guess that’s why UK doesn’t want to join EU – that would be like another German invasion :)

  • UK is in the EU Irina… lol :) and no, it wouldn’t be another GErman invasion!! The fact that Germany is dominating EU is pretty much because the UK chose to don not give a damn about Europe and be the 51st stat of the USA. If Mrs. Tatcher wouldn’t have had taken that decision, today we would have a much more united, cohesive and strong EU, because nor France nor Italy were never really capable to make counter weight to Germany… We all loose with this… Keep voting on demagogues in the UK and you’ll see the true meaning of living in an island…

    – João Figueiredo

  • Irina Chuckowree
    Irina Chuckowreealmost 2 years ago

    Have read your comment exchange with Canyon: it is really appauling to hear that! And frightening too :(
    Time will tell…

  • No need to be scared Irina. The damage is already done. What I feel frustrated is that when foreign media talks about the lazy south of europe they don’t talk about why is the south lazy? The south is lazy because the north pys them to be so! “’nough said!” Then, you can add this portuguese saying: “Em casa onde não há pão, todos ralham e ninguém tem razão!” – In a house without bread, everybody scolds and no one is right. Seriouslly, I don’t know about what Canyon said is right or sci-fi. I honestly don’t give it much credit. But what I said as an answer, it’s just facts! You can do that exercise, make a list of the brands you use at home and of the equipage that the government uses, like train brands, car brands, etc… Remember that when you add 1+1, the result has to be allways 2, no matter what! Even if a million newspappers is telling you that it is 4!! One lie repeated a million times does not becomes truth!! Remember that!! And this is the greatest advantage in being able to speak so many languages: reading the newspaper articles from everywhere and puting the pieces together! In 10 years from now EU (with or without the UK) will be a de facto federation (even if officially it is not). The hardest is already done with this € crisis, the perfect excuse to take important bits of the member states soverignty. No matter how many times you hear or read about what the experts say that EU is on the verge of self-destruction, they are only trying to “cover your eyes with a net”. Remember that they are paid by someone… Honestly I don’t care about an European federation, I love that idea! I just hate the way it is being done: violently, not transparent, behind our backs, conducting to a modern capitalist ditactureship (have you ever seen/read The Hunger games?) and to fill the pockets of some few people…

    – João Figueiredo

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