I am happy!!

I have news, fresh news!

I have recently been invited to coopoerate with a Swedish magazine called “Gasin” (as in Magazine). This means that from now on I will be supplying the cover shot for it’s digital edition which works via facebook.

Looks like things are starting to get exciting around here… :)

Here is the link

Änglar exhibition

In the beginning of this year I got the proposal of creating something related to the theme “Änglar” (wich is Swedish for “Angels”) within of my artistical area – photography. At first I panicked: “Oh no, I am a landscape and abstract photographer and now I do have to shoot people??” – I though. Nevertheless, I didn’t give up. I knew that I couldn’t just deliver some “usual” photographs with the absolute typical angel concept that people usually have in their mind, I was forced to come up with something really exciting! I got the first sketch of my exhibition idea when I went to Gnosjö to shoot the Töllstorps area. After that I checked out real good the place I knew that I wanted to shoot over there, the surroundings fited just perfectly!…

From the moment on that I had tow models, ideas st

The reason

Hi everyone!…

Some of you may be wondering why am I not giving any sings of life here on RB. Well, I can tell you that I have never been so busy as now. I have been preparing my new exhibition at an art galleri called Blå Huset wich means “The blue house” in Värnamo, a small city in the deep Swedish countryside.

I’m not going by myself though. The exhibition has the theme “Änglar” which is Swedish for “Angels” and counts with several artists exhibiting different kinds of art: painting, sculpture, theatre and photography. The exhibition will be on during the 15th, 16th, 22nd and 23rd of september and the best o all, there is branch for everybody and the entry is for free!

For all of you that are not going to take an airplane to Sweden and visit my exhibition, you can see here in my RB galle


Back from holidays:

Loads of comments, faves, challenge results and just imagine: TWO SALES!!

This is going to take a while…

Thanks to all of you!

My personal opinion as a professional Web Designer...

18 months…. for this???

…wow… I am totaly NOT impressed… What an amazing waste of time just to change the looks and take the menu from one place and put in in another (harder to reach!)…

18 months for this??? What about the things that RB users want to have (like the ability to block an user for instance) and RB is still not giving a dog’s poop about?! I guess 18 damn months still weren’t enough for that…

Zombie insects

Do you like insects?

Do you like fungus?

Do you like photography?

Do you like video?

Do you like a true story looking like to come out from a good sci-fi scary story?

Do you like David Attenborough??


The 9 eyes project

For all of you who don’t know who Jon Rafman is, here are two good presentations of himself made by himself:…


Short bio

About Jon Rafman and the “9 eyes” project I can tell you that Jon Rafman had this most brilliant idea:

To make art with Google Street View

You don’t get it? Simple. Have you ever surfed on Google Earth and just for the fun tried to go into the Street View and check how some determined place looks like seen from the ground? Probably not many of you did that, but for the ones who did, have you never found something that for some reason made your eyes feel “stuck” on into what you were watching?

If your answer is “no” for all of these questions, then you really have to go and check out the “9 eyes” project. Basically what Jon Rafman did was surf on the Street View worldwi

If somebody can answer to this question...

I actually feel ashamed of putting out this question, but…

What is the format RAW good for?? Isn’t is more practical to have JPG?? Isn’t it the same?

Thanks to those who stopped laughing of me and gave me an answer… I don’t blame you if you keep on laughing…. seriously don’t!… honestly!

Thanks in advance to all of you!

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